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"Try to show your personality and passion in your application so you stand out from the rest."

Sky Careers

HR Work Experience students Lucy and Grace interviewed our very own Ellis about our Apprenticeship programmes.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship at Sky? It’s an opportunity to earn whilst you learn in a career area you’re passionate about. It’s a hands-on experience, giving you an insight into the working world and enables you to network with professionals whilst earning a salary and gaining a qualification.

What areas of Sky do you offer Apprenticeships in? We offer a wide range of business areas including Customer Service, Technology, Business and Media.

What types of individuals are suited to an Apprenticeship? They tend to suit personable, hands-on people with a desire to learn, a passion for their chosen career path and those who enjoy a challenge.

How many Apprentices do you take on throughout the year? This year we’re taking on circa 200 Apprentices, across all departments. These are based across the UK.

Do you need to have had any previous experience or qualifications to apply? You’ll need a minimum of 5 GCSEs A* - C and other requirements vary across the departments. Previous work experience isn’t necessary but is a bonus. If you’re interested in gaining work experience here we offer 1000 opportunities each year. However, the main thing we look for is a PASSION in the area you’re applying for.

How much responsibility are you given? This comes with time and training. You are given a buddy for support and we look for willingness to develop and learn during the Apprenticeship. As you prove yourself, you’ll be given more opportunities for responsibility.

Do you go to college during the Apprenticeship? This varies across every department. For example, some Apprentices do block-release learning which could involve two weeks out of the business and in college studying, or an alternative is attending college once a week throughout your Apprenticeship. All Apprenticeships have some college-based learning and studying involved. We ensure college work can be finished during working time as well.

What are the chances of being kept on at Sky upon completion of the Apprenticeship? We support everybody here to fulfill their potential, and allow you to progress further in your career here.

Can you describe Sky for us in three words? Exciting, challenging and fast-paced.

What advice would you give to applicants to stand out? I’d say to take time with the application, ensuring you check it over with someone else and look out for spelling and grammar mistakes. Try to show your personality and passion through your application in order to stand out from the rest. Another tip is to do your research on us, and ask questions during the applications process.



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“During this awful time there was one thing that always stayed constant and that was the support I received from Sky.”

Sky Careers

Neeta Patel, Area Manager

I started working here in 2007 as a Customer Experience Leader. I had my only child in 2008 and everything was awesome as Sky allowed me to build my career and balance my work and home life - things were in a fantastic place. I worked really hard to develop myself in to an area manager from Customer Service Group to within Sky Retail Services and ventured in to an area that was unknown as all I had known since I was 16 was call centres! I was curious and despite everything, I worked really hard in Retail and my area engagement went from strength to strength.

However, on the 26th June 2016 my healthy, active boy got a high fever. At first I thought it was just a fever and he would get better with Calpol, however he never did. As any parent would, I took Neeyan to the GP and we got told he had a viral infection, but I just knew something wasn’t right. The most traumatic 14 days followed and Neeyan was clinically diagnosed with Kawasaki disease.

During this awful time there was one thing that always stayed constant and that was the support I received from Sky. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank my team and Retail for all the support they provided us whilst we stayed in hospital. My team and peers all clubbed together to get Neeyan a PS4 which was a God send during the 6 – 8 week recovery. My manager at the time was brilliant and provided me with so much support via time off to care for Neeyan, a phased return to work back in the business and support for me whilst at work so I could integrate back in to the business.

My manager then changed and naturally I was nervous, however my new manager has been super supportive in how he has supported me, when at times I doubted myself. I had a mentor assigned to me from within the region and she was absolutely brilliant in supporting me and helping me with my confidence. My manager and I worked together to set daily goals on what I wanted to achieve and we would review these every week. This really gave me the confidence and once again showed how supportive we are.

One year on and I try to turn our negative in to a positive and actively raise awareness so no other child’s heart is damaged moving forward. Kawasaki disease is the number 1 cause to acquired heart disease in children in the UK, yet the awareness is very limited.

The icing on the cake has to be when I took our story to my Director and CEO and they both responded immediately. I wanted to raise awareness in our main headquarters and I was blown away with the response I got. This just cemented to me why Sky is such a great place to work. The company don’t have to support my awareness campaign however they are supporting me and this is so important to me and just shows what a fantastic place Sky is to work. They really do care for their people and I very often come across articles where someone at Sky has done a great thing to help someone else. To be on the receiving end is just so awesome and I will always be grateful to Sky for allowing me to raise awareness. 

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“If you’re interested in fraud prevention and want to make a real difference to our business, apply! I did and haven’t looked back”

Sky Careers

Name: Gregan Stringer

Job title: Fraud Analyst

What area of Sky do you work in? Fraud and Compliance as part of Group Security.

What was your career journey like before joining Sky? I worked as a Fraud Detection Officer for HSBC Bank for almost a decade before coming here. During my time there, I was responsible for application and transaction screening, acting as the first line of defence against fraudulent activity. I worked closely with Fraud Risk Management on various projects and was lucky enough to travel to other sites in the UK to help train and support other officers.

You’ve recently joined the Fraud Team. What have you enjoyed most in your first few months? I was excited with the move between the financial and telecommunications sectors and the challenges that I would face and I haven’t been disappointed! I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with the various systems and processes we use and learning about telecommunications fraud too. Getting to visit our HQ in Osterley to meet the other teams in Group Security and seeing the studios has also been a personal highlight.

What does a typical day in the Fraud Team look like for you? My day to day job involves screening new and existing customer’s applications, reviewing transactions, call analysis and helping manage the team’s email inboxes. In a nutshell, I help prevent fraud losses to the business and mitigate risk where and when needed.

What’s been the biggest difference between working at Sky and your previous role? The obvious answer is the workload itself. The fundamentals of fraud prevention are the same but it’s been interesting learning how they apply to us and the telecommunications sector. I’ve enjoyed learning about our structure, the products they offer and the company’s strategy.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in the Fraud Team? Just being able to come in to the office and get to work. You’re empowered to take any action you feel is necessary and it’s refreshing to be trusted enough to make critical business decisions. The banter’s pretty decent too.

You work a shift pattern in this role. Describe your work / life balance with this working pattern. I have a family and children but the shift pattern in place hasn’t caused any major issues at all. When I’m on a backshift, which is 1 in every 4 weeks (13:45-21:45 Mon-Fri) I’ve got plenty of time to do things that I need to do before I start work. On the odd occasion when a shift clashes with something that’s been planned in our personal lives, I discuss it with the team and I’m usually able to swap it. There’s a flexible working policy coming into place soon too, which will only make my work/life balance more manageable.

What advice would you give to others applying for a Fraud Analyst position at Sky? If you’re interested in fraud prevention, in making a real difference to our business and are up for a new challenge then go for it! I did and haven’t looked back and you’re well looked after.

Tell us an interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I used to play snooker to a fairly decent standard and played Stephen Hendry in front of a few hundred people. Don’t ask me what the score was! Let’s just say I didn’t get too much table time but I did manage to get a good few points off him. Not many people can say they’ve done that.

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It's been a busy week for award wins - see who's won an award.

Sky Careers

Sky Store wins big at the BASE Awards!

Sky Store was a double winner at the 2017 Home Entertainment Industry Awards picking up the Digital Retailer of the Year award and the Digital Retailer Initiative Of The Year. For the Digital Retailer Initiative Of The Year, our Christmas vouchers campaign was called out as ‘the most effective consumer acquisition program seen last year…executed exceptionally well…it drove new consumers into our category’.

Sky International win Team of the Year award!

At the World Trademark Review Industry Awards at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Sky International were awarded Team of the Year for work done in Latin America where we license our brand to Sky Brasil and Sky Mexico. Helen Hill (Director of International IP, Sky International, Zurich), Brett Shelton (International IP lawyer, Sky International, Zurich) and Leone Kemp (International IP lawyer, Sky International, London) were also identified as three of the world’s leading in-house trade mark professionals and featured in the inaugural edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals, produced by WTR.

Sky Sports Living For Sports Awards

At Twickenham Stadium, more than 100 inspirational students, teachers and Athlete Mentors joined us to celebrate the Sky Sports Living for Sport Awards, recognising students, teachers and Athlete Mentors who have gone above and beyond to inspire others. Sky Sports Pundit and World Champion boxer Johnny Nelson kicked off the day’s events and led activities and celebrations alongside 20 Athlete Mentors, including Commonwealth gymnast gold medalists Craig Heap and Steve Frew, and inline skater Jenna Downing. They've played a role in inspiring half a million young people to participate in in Sky Sports Living for Sport during the 14-year partnership between Sky and the Youth Sport Trust.


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"I work from home around one day a week and get total freedom from my manager, who's totally supportive."

Sky Careers

Name:  Eddy Briggs

Job title:  Product Owner – My Sky

What area of Sky do you work in? Digital Engagement

What’s your career journey been like up until now?  I spent 10 years at Telefonica. I started working on the phones in Network Services where after a short spell I moved to Learning and Development. I’d design and deliver training courses for O2 customer service. Looking back it wasn’t for me but I worked with some great people and this is where I really got my training for corporate life.

I then moved to managing a knowledge base application and a team of content editors in O2. It wasn’t always the most exciting job but I knew this was my route into online and again I worked with some good people.

I spent my final few years in Tesco Mobile. Rolling out a new knowledge base across online, retail and customer service. At the same time the online version was also delivered to support a new Tesco Mobile website. My final project was to deliver a Tech Support Online Platform.

What does a typical day working here look like for you? Mornings are usually spent catching up on the previous days flurry of late afternoon/night emails and joining the Developers for daily stand-up.  Here I can see how the sprint is progressing and support with any escalations.  The rest of the day is a mix of conference calls, weekly update meetings and taking feedback from stakeholders and my manager Holly.

Usually, I’ll be meeting with colleagues in our design team or one of our BA’s to shape one of my products and make sure we’re delivering a journey that will add real value for our customers and the business.

If you’ve been here over one year, how have you made a difference in your role? I try to be very pragmatic in my role, usually balancing out the requirements from all of my stakeholders. I’m not a land grabber but I see myself as a collaborator, aiming to get the best out of people whilst making sure we deliver the best product possible.

What’s been your proudest moment since working here? Re-building ‘My Sky’ from the ground up. With over 10 million customers our page gets over 1 million hits a week. Users want to pay bills, check their package, update details or just get a good offer. With so many senior stakeholders all wanting ‘My Sky’ to work for them it was great to negotiate a product that worked for everyone, but still put the customer at the heart of what we were delivering. Not only that, but we had to build in our own Sky pages react environment which was underpinned by our new Polaris design principles. This really was a blank canvas, which despite being daunting, was a fantastic challenge to lead on.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? The variety and empowerment I get.

Describe your work/life balance. It’s as good as it can be. I have a 30 minute commute to the office and I work from home around one day a week. I get total freedom and my boss is totally supportive whenever I have a doctor or dentist appointment. In fact, being at the grand old age of 33 and with football related injuries becoming more frequent, it’s great knowing that if I need to see a doctor or physio it’s not frowned upon. My boss knows it’s paid back over on the days I need to work late or on the occasion I travel down to our London offices.

What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? Don’t ever work for a person or company that doesn’t value you. Believe in yourself and your own abilities but know that if you really want to progress then it can’t be achieved without hard work. Oh and always be polite and kind. No one likes to work with rude people.

An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you?  I’ve met and spoke to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said ‘Thank you for coming’. I bet you also read that in his voice too.

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“I love that no day is ever the same, there is always an exciting new challenge each day that pushes my strengths and helps me develop new skills”

Sky Careers

Name: Natalie Thomas 

Job title: Broadband Tech Team Lead (BBTT)

Describe your role in one word: Innovative

What area of Sky do you work in and what do you do on a daily basis? I currently work in the Home Service as part of the brand new Broadband Tech Team. I support and lead a team of broadband tech experts. 

How did you get into your role? I came into this role from being a Field Engineer for almost 10 years installing Sky TV into our customer homes. For the past 7 months prior to me getting the BBTT lead role I was Change Ambassador. This involved me carrying out onsite coaching to my peers and helping them develop and achieve their KPI’s. 

What is the most enjoyable thing about your role and what surprised you most? I love that no day is ever the same, there is always an exciting new challenge each day that pushes my strengths and helps me develop new skills.

How have you made a difference in your role? I feel I’ve brought a new and exciting approach to leadership. I’m also a great onsite coach and really get the most out of my Engineers.

Describe your work/life balance: Sometimes it’s hard to juggle work and my personal life, but when you find the right balance there’s no issues. If I’m working from home I try to stay upstairs so that my little girl doesn’t see me on my laptop constantly and then when it’s time for a break I’ll give her lots of attention. I also try to stay switched off from work after my finishing time.

Have you had the opportunity to progress? What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? I have progressed very well over the past year first becoming Change Ambassador for my region and then using all of the skills I developed to apply for the Broadband Tech Team Lead role. My advice for anyone wanting to progress would be to network well, and always prepare for interviews. Do your research, find out as much as possible about the role you’re applying for, ask for interview tips, and stand out from the crowd. Also, make use of the tools you have at your disposal, such as the development studio and build your brand program.

Your top application tip for people applying now – what did you do to stand out when you were applying: I really sold myself, promoting all I had achieved over the past year and what I had done outside of work to help develop my skills for the position. When I had my interview I brought along handouts to to show the assessor the work I’d done within my team to improve their performance, this made me stand out from the other candidates. 

An interesting fact no one else knows about you: I’m a qualified plumber.

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"Working with people who have the right attitude and approach to getting things done makes coming to work here really enjoyable"

Sky Careers

Team name: Commercial Finance – Customer Operations

What does your team do within the department?

We’re a team of Finance Business Partners who provide commercial finance support to the Customer Service Group, with an annual budget in excess of £500m.  This business is at the heart of customers interaction with us, whether it’s new customers contacting us to buy and install TV or Broadband, through to providing post sales servicing to our 11m+ customers in the UK.

The primary focus of the team is the Service contact centres, handling 20m calls per year, and we also look after Change & Billing as well as managing the overall performance of the Customer Service Group.

Our role is to work with stakeholders from across the business, adding insight, analysis and challenge to their operational performance. It’s fast paced and varied, but always exciting, particularly in a content driven media business like ours.

What’s been your team’s biggest achievement or proudest moment?

We’ve achieved a massive amount in this past year, driving change and delivering great financial results.  The stand out is the launch of Sky Q & Sky Mobile.  Both were huge projects, but it’s great to see where this team played a role in the product development and customer servicing plans. There’s no better satisfaction for the team than knowing they have contributed to successfully launching these new products to customers.

3 team members:

Name: Gerard Farrell

Job Title: Financial Analyst

What’s your role within the team?

I’m responsible for consolidating outputs and coordinating activities for a number of Finance teams across the Customer Service Group and the wider Chief Operating Officer Group including Budget, 5YP and Month End. I act as the point of contact between those teams and Group Finance and get involved in a lot of ad hoc work producing outputs for senior finance figures. Working with a number of different teams means I get insight into what’s going on across the business and the regular exposure to senior finance figures is great.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky?

I think working with people who have the right attitude and approach to getting things done makes coming to work here really enjoyable. The speed of innovation and bringing new products to market means there is always something new and exciting going on!

Name: Ryan Gray

Job Title: Assistant Financial Analyst (Finance Graduate Scheme)

What’s your role within the team?

As a 3rd-year Finance Graduate, I currently work in the Finance Team who support Customer Operations. This forms part of Customer Service Group (CSG) and our role in Finance is to business partner and drive change within the operation, managing the bottom line while balancing our drive to deliver the best customer service in the country. My key responsibilities are wide ranging; from compiling and reviewing key KPI’s to forecasting bad debt and working to provide the insight to explain key movements. It’s a particularly exciting time in our area with the recent launch of Sky Q and the introduction of Mobile into our product portfolio, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in both.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky?

We’re always encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things and to question the status quo. It sounds clichéd but one thing I’ve learned is not to take anything for granted. Just because that’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best way! Being part of a Finance Graduate Scheme, I’ve also been able to create a great network of peers which I often leverage. We’re expected to work hard and pass our professional exams but the study support and guidance I’ve been provided with is second to none, and I’d definitely recommend working here to anyone looking to pursue a career in Finance.

Name: Stacey Mackie

Job Title: Finance Analyst

What’s your role within the team?

I look after the finance for credits, offers and vouchers that our advisors give out to our customers.  This involves monitoring spend, improving processes and working closely with the business to achieve targets. I also look after the headcount costs across the Service estate as well as travel & discretionary spend, monthly forecasting and month end. 

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky?

Having the ability to drive change and see the fantastic results that come from it, and know that you played a big part. I also enjoy the fact I work in a company where I use the product on a daily basis and that we get to hear about new projects and products before anyone else.



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"When I first started going out on the jobs with my mentor, I found it a really good experience to speak to customers' face to face"

Sky Careers

Name: Nicola Whyte

Job title: Apprentice Home Service Engineer

Starting out at Sky

I started off in the call centre doing a Customer Service Apprenticeship and gathered a lot of experience and became more confident.  It was a really good experience learning about how we work and getting trained in different areas. My role was focussed on Sky+ technical and billing. This got me talking to different kinds of people and I learned how to create the right conversation with my customers. The most challenging thing for me was trying to adapt to all the different customers I spoke to in 1 day, trying to fix their billing issues or TV issues but also keeping the right conversation flowing. The most challenging thing was coming across different types off problems and learning to keep a positive attitude whilst trying to fix this over the phone with the customer.

After a short while I then for trained on Sky Q-Tech. This was a big change for me as Sky Q is different to Sky+, but again it was a good experience, getting the chance to help customers in a different way and with different problems.

Moving into Home Service

When I finished my Apprenticeship in the call centre I then went for the role in Home Service and I’m now doing another one-year Apprenticeship. This for me is a very big challenge because I am dealing with customers face to face instead of over the phone. I already had tech training for Sky Q from my time in the call centre so this has been a big advantage for me starting.

When I first started we had 8 weeks of training with the other Apprentices in Livingston at the Alba centre, but we also traveled to England for our ladder training which I really enjoyed. This was great because I got to know the other Apprentice engineers.

When I first started going out on the jobs with my mentor I found it a really good experience to get to speak to customers face to face and also challenging at the same time because you need to keep on track with time, planning your day the night before, pick up all your stock to make sure you have everything you need for going into customers homes'.

Now I’m out on my own I actually feel as though I am learning and improving more.  I’m really enjoying the experience and am getting used to carrying the ladders during my working day, however I feel this is going to be a bit of a challenge on really windy days!

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“You don’t need work experience to apply. What we really want to see is something that demonstrates your passion for this job."

Sky Careers

We all know that work experience, although exciting, can often seem a little daunting. So what are the benefits to work experience at Sky? Why should you take the plunge and send in your application?

“We want to give young people a chance to try out a job and have a go. It’s so hard to know exactly what career you want to go into but this opportunity essentially gives you the chance to ‘try before you buy’. You may find that this is the job that you love. Equally, you may think you want to go into Marketing but discover that you are more interested in the creative elements. This could mean you start considering advertising instead. Whatever happens this is a great opportunity to help young people make more informed career choices and make sure they go into a job they love.”

Sky is a renowned brand, but what makes this different from work experience offered by other companies?

“Sky offers about 1000 work experience placements every year and I think that alone is quite unique. There are opportunities in almost every department so there really is something for everyone. We split our departments into Media, Business, Technology and Customer Service so there’s a good range.”

“We really care that you have an insightful experience and aren’t just making the tea! We have structured our programmes so as well as your work with us you will receive a full induction at the beginning of your week with us and advice and tips on careers and next steps on your last day.”

“We also appreciate that work experience can be costly and many people are travelling from far away so all our work experience candidates are entitled to £15 a day to cover food and expenses.”

What if you’re worried that you don’t have previous work experience in the area you are applying for?

“You don’t need work experience to apply. What we really want to see is something that demonstrates your passion for this job. This could be something you’ve done in a school project or volunteering. For example, if you’re applying for something creative and you’ve designed and edited a film yourself at home, then tell us about that!”

What makes an application stand out to you?

“For me, there are 3 key things:

Show an interest in the business – Why are you interested in applying for Sky in particular? What is it about Sky that attracted you? Make sure your answer isn’t generic.

Research the department and opportunity that you are applying for – refer to information that you have found and things included in the advertisement. Which particular aspects appealed to you and why?

What skills and/or passion can you offer and what do you want to get out of your time here – this will help me better understand what you want from the experience and how we can help you.”

How do you make sure you make the most of your time with Sky?

“The most important thing is to have confidence in the fact that have been selected – you are here for a reason!”

“Make sure you ask lots of questions. You’ll soon find that people love to talk about themselves and will be happy to share their career journeys with you. Apart from that try to make yourself indispensable. Say yes to all opportunities and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Also, try to make notes on how to do something so that you don’t have to ask twice.”

You mentioned next steps, what sort of advice and help can be expected at the end of the work experience?

“On their last day of work experience, everyone at Osterley is offered a drop-in session where they can receive tailored advice as well as hints and tips for applying to jobs in the future.”

“For over 18s we also offer our Steps Ahead Mentoring programme. In this programme you are matched with a Human Resources professional and entitled to six free hour-long sessions with them. In these sessions you can receive anything from interview practice to tips on writing applications and cover letters.”

“All of our work experience candidates are also invited to a Development Day within six months of finishing their time with us. This is a day dedicated to giving you employ skills training and covers everything from how to find a place where you will flourish and mapping out your next steps to giving your CV a boost. You also get to meet recruiters from other departments and ask them about applications from their perspective which I think is really insightful.”

Is there anything else that you think it’s important for people thinking of applying to know?

“I think they should know that their answers to the application questions are more important than their CV. CVs are important but we really pay attention to the answers you give us about why you want to work for Sky. Make sure you spend time on them. Also try not to apply for too many roles at Sky (ideally no more than two) as it suggests you aren’t really passionate about the specific area you are applying for.” 

posted on 12 Jun

"I’ll never forget that feeling of seeing my promo on live TV while I was sitting in the gallery. I was proud to be a part of this team."

Sky Careers

Name:  Diana Cooper

Job title: Edit Co-ordinator, Sky Production Services

What were you doing before joining Sky on a Mama Youth placement?

My placement was in Sky Sports studios editing for live TV. I used an editing software called Quantel and had a mentor from the business.

Describe the type of day to day activities that you conducted in the department that you joined on your placement.

I was working on different projects every day. I edited On Demand pieces including an interview with Wayne Rooney, worked on a few pieces for Transfer Deadline Day and also podcasts with presenter Rob Wotten.

Are there any pieces of work/projects that you were particularly proud to be a part of?

I had the amazing opportunity to edit two football promos that aired on TV. I’ll never forget that feeling of seeing my promo on live TV while I was sitting in the gallery.  I was proud to be a part of this because I was allowed to be as creative as I wanted by experimenting with different effects within After Effects.

How would you reflect on your placement in terms of training and development?

The training was amazing. I was mentored one to one by a senior editor at Sky for 6 weeks. I had never used Quantel before so I was completely new to the software, I was taught from scratch. I learned what UPSOTS are, what MLT is and all the keyboard shortcuts. I had previously never cut for live TV, so learning how to cope with that pressure was vital in the environment I was in.

How did you transition from your placement to a role at Sky?

Camilla McBride from Sky Starting Out emailed me different opportunities within Sky. Bookings was one of the roles I applied to and luckily I got through to the interview stage.

I was lucky enough to only be off for about 2 weeks after my placement and before my role in bookings began.

What does your role now see you doing?

In my new role I’m mainly working on Audio Bookings. Bookings is quite an admin based type of role, which I am not too used to, but going outside of my comfort zone and trying new things out is what I wanted to do. On a daily basis I liaise with the Creatives at Sky (who are our clients). I coordinate, schedule and juggle bookings around so that everyone is happy! Being able to prioritise and organise my time is very important when it comes to working in bookings. I feel like I have learnt so much a month into my new role at Sky!

How important has the Mama Youth Project been to your personal and professional growth?

Mama Youth has given me so much in my personal and professional growth. I definitely feel more confident in myself, I know I wouldn’t have gone for bookings without the confidence I’ve gained from Mama Youth. They have shown me that it’s possible to get into the TV industry.

Professionally, I'm much more confident to go out of my comfort zone and try new roles, instead of shying away from it. From my new found confidence, I’ve met loads of lovely people in the TV industry and I’ve widened my network with whom I stay in touch with.

This new found confidence has also allowed me to be involved in extra activities here. I’ve been shadowing editors and dubbing mixers, getting to know producers and learning about different departments such as compliance, content handling and edit operations.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting involved with the Mama Youth Project?

I would say do it! You’ll not regret it. It was one of my best decisions ever! If you have always wanted to get involved in the TV industry, then Mama Youth is the place to start. The training is tough and it isn't an easy ride but they’re there for you. You’ll work hard and push many boundaries and even surprise yourself at times that you actually did it!

Mama Youth will gear you up for the TV world which will stick with you forever.

You don't have to have previous experience in TV just the willingness and enthusiasm for it!

So what are you waiting for! It changed my life and it will change yours too.