posted on 25 Jul

We’re really excited for our graduate programmes to go live. For the first time we’ll be recruiting for a Property Graduate Programme. This summer we welcomed a couple of students for a placement with the team and Briony from the University of Reading took some time out to reflect on her time with us. Good luck in your final year Briony!

Sky Careers

I’m Briony a Real Estate undergraduate from the University of Reading and Property Service Group intern at Sky.

It all started with me growing up with two mad architects. I was unwittingly introduced to the built environment and the creativeness around it.  A career in buildings, looking at workspace and linking it to good old fashioned business sense sounded pretty cool to me. It was obvious that a career in property was all about people and relationships- right up my street. Working with diverse groups of people, negotiating with clients and contractors – what’s not to love?

At Uni I study subjects such as ‘Investment Appraisal’, ‘Property Law’ and ‘Economics & Investment’. I love the fact that there aren’t totally defined boundaries across Property, that the whole end-to-end experience just flows - something that’s definitely brought to life here at Sky. Approaching my final year, the prospect of working here screamed individuality and fun. It just stood out. I didn’t really know what I was in for to be honest. I have a clear perception of Property agencies- who they are and what they do, but I’d never associated Sky with a Property opportunity. I knew it was going to be unique and professional- but I could never have anticipated what I’d get involved in.

Working here you’re immediately immersed in a lively, creative, ambitious bubble and everything in the bubble is constantly changing- it’s so different from the other firms I’ve worked for- no day is the same. Sky Osterley is a campus so think of it like Uni- always moving about to different buildings, always bumping into people on the way and having  helpful ‘corridor conversations’ that could spark the next big thing- it’s manic but crazy fun.

The Workplace gang have welcomed me with open arms (well, everyone has). I’ve actually been able to listen in on those working in their new ‘Sky Space’ and see how they have adjusted to the changes - pretty cool. I never fully realised how much a working environment impacts productivity, team work and overall happiness, it’s not something covered in Uni modules or the standard text books for Real Estate. This place brings Real Estate to life.

The Hub (new Osterley HQ building) is a centre of excellence and, like most people, I’m blown away when I walk into the atrium.  According to Sky colleagues The Hub has ‘transformed life at Sky’ and ‘it’s made coming to work fun’. Just being in there I feel super relaxed and creative, making it possible to have those random ideas that flood your head just before drifting off to sleep or in the shower possible in the workplace. High-5s to the Property Service Group and all involved.

Before coming here I hadn’t a clue about ‘comms’- what it meant or did, but I sure can tell you some things now! Think how big Sky is and how many people work here, there’s got to be that communication structure within all the different teams to make it work as well as it does!

I’ve loved every second here, Sky has something really great going on- its drive to make it a brilliant place to work is admirable and they are certainly succeeding. I’ve felt at home and I am truly grateful for this opportunity, it’s been a pleasure working here. I’ve loved every day and it’s made my summer one to remember. Good luck for the future of Sky.




posted on 25 Jul

We're really excited to have won Best Intergrated and Social Media Approach at the UK Digital Experience Awards

Sky Careers

Our e-Experience team have added yet another gleaming trophy to our growing haul, picking up Best Integrated Approach to Digital at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2014.

People are making transactions through digital channels than ever before and the judging panel loved Sky’s approach to making it brilliantly easy for our customers to get the service they need through our online and interactive services – while giving them more choice than ever.

So what did we do to deserve the award? Here’s just a few of the things our e-Experience team have delivered in the last twelve months…

Introduced online issue diagnosis flows so customers can follow personalised step by step help guides for their TV and broadband services

Delivered a fast track upgrades process so customers can upgrade in three simple steps

Improved MySky so that more than 70% of our customers say they're now able to use it to get the information they’re looking for

Made things so brilliantly easy that 59% of all our customer transactions are now done through our digital channels

Amanda Millman, Online Customer Experience Manager, told us, "We’re delighted to win the award. It was great to take the time to reflect on what we have done in the last year and share our story with others. But, as ever, we believe in better, so won’t be resting on our laurels!”

posted on 24 Jul

A few weeks ago, a team of 10 intrepid explorers from the Supply Team completed the National 3 Peaks Challenge in brilliant Sky style.

Sky Careers

"For those that are not aware, the 3 Peaks Challenge is a serious physical and mental challenge that takes place on the 3 highest mountains in the UK. It totals nearly 3,500 metres in height and over 20 miles of walking; including over 500 miles of driving between the three mountains, all needing to be completed within 24 hours.   

It goes without saying that the whole group were aware of the challenge that lay ahead, but nothing really prepares you for the lack of sleep and physical impact on your body that you experience over the 24 hour period. The National 3 Peaks Challenge is popular amongst groups wanting to raise money for a good cause, and we were no different. We weren’t doing this for fun; we were doing this to raise money for Mind UK. 

1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year in the UK. Mind works to support people who suffer and those who care for them, and campaigns to promote their rights and equal treatment in society. Our short period of pain was our way of supporting this great cause and through amazingly generous donations we raised nearly £9,000!

It was a great team effort to make sure that everything was organised. We were completely self-sufficient with our own minibus and dedicated drivers to get the walkers to each mountain on time.  Everyone came together and unlike the predictions, there were no arguments on the mountainside, just smiles and determination to succeed. We were tested on Ben Nevis as the cloud and rain engulfed us, but from then on we were welcomed by high cloud and sunshine at Scafell Pike and Snowdon. It made the walking far more enjoyable and presented outstanding views from the peaks!" 

The whole team agreed, “This was a gruelling and tough challenge. I’m really proud and pleased with the how the team pulled together to organise it and complete it and for such a great cause.”

The team that completed the challenge, unscathed and all in good health!

Working as One Team made the difference as one member of the team highlights, “When I signed up to take part in the Supply 3 Peaks challenge I didn’t really appreciate what I was signing up to! It was certainly one of the toughest challenges I have ever taken part in, however what impressed me most was the support and encouragement you get from all the members of the team.  It certainly reflected Sky’s value of ‘One Team’”.

posted on 24 Jul

In early 1984 a telegram arrived in the post letting David know he’d got a job as a Transmission Controller for what was then called ‘The Sky Channel’. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sky Careers

This telegram marked the start of a 30 year career with Sky, that not even retirement can keep him from.

At the time, the operation was run from a single facility in Wardour Street, central London. Since then Sky’s operational facilities have moved location twice. David is now based in the Broadcast Centre in Sky Studios at Osterley. 

Over David’s career he has been at the core of Sky’s growth.  “When I applied for the job it sounded terribly exciting. At first the team was so small and the CEO would even make tea for me. Now, given our size, I think my chances of that are pretty low”.

“Even then our team worked 24 hours a day. And while we worked, the business was literally built around us.”

At the forefront of the rapid change in Broadcast Technology, David has seen it all.

He said “Back in the day when it all started in Broadcasting we had no playlists and the content was all run manually. Stopwatches and calculations on paper were used to keep the channels running on time.” 

The evolution in technology and change from analogue to digital and SD to HD, one channel to multichannel and manual to automated play out, means that we can manage many more channels per person within the dedicated Playout Team.

The team bring together the component parts of each TV channel. That’s the pictures, audio, subtitles, logos, live programmes, movies and commercial breaks to create the final content that is delivered to our customers.

This can be affected by things like over runs of live content, delays and even the dropping of programmes. Sky Playout’s job is to respond and manage seamlessly the flow of content, so that the viewer experience is unaffected.

Even though David now works part time, he continues to work across all channels, live events and complex operations, training others and passing on a wealth of broadcast experience.

David concluded “I plan to keep working, and hope to stay here until I’m 100!”

posted on 24 Jul

As part of the music team, Music Creative are devoted to getting the best music used across what you see on screen - especially when that involves introducing new music to our audiences. But have you ever wondered how it all works?

Sky Careers

Take a moment to think of a few of your favourite adverts, TV shows or movie scenes. As well as the brilliant visuals, most of us will also recall the great piece of music that was used to accompany them. That's when the Music Creative team come in. We spoke with Shiv Kalaria, Senior Music Creative to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

"The right track can transform something average into something memorable! One of my jobs here is helping to create these memorable moments across the content we make. Our team listen to hours of music on a daily basis, sifting through every conceivable genre (Scandinavian Symphonic Metal anyone?) to assist the 500+ producers across the company with their various musical needs.

A typical day might consist of trying to find a moody blues-rock track with the right lyrical reference for a Ray Donovan promo, followed by sourcing an obscure Spanish classical piece for a La Liga football match, to hunting down a copy of the Albanian national anthem for Sky News! You never know what you’re going to get next. In between searches we’ll go through all the new releases sent to us every day (which can be into the hundreds) trying to pick out the next big thing or any stand out tracks. It’s always an incredible feeling when a track you suggest is used on something and, in turn, helps break an artist to a much wider audience.

"What we do in Creative is inextricably linked to what the other sections in Music get up to. First, the Music Licensing team make sure the business doesn’t stray off the straight and narrow, and work hard to find solutions on any rights roadblocks. Music rights are complicated and it’s good to know there are experts on hand! 

Then there’s the Music Reporting team who make sure that once the music has been used, all the relevant parties get paid. They’re usually the music companies’ favourite people for obvious reasons!

Lastly, our management team’s main work is to wrestle a lot of rights from the music industry to put into Sky’s so-called blanket music agreements – which give us instant access to nearly all of the music that is commercially available throughout the world. That’s just as well because, last time we looked, Sky was using more than 30 million minutes of music every year! 

Content never stands still at Sky and as we continue to grow and our ambition gets bigger, we want the service we provide to continue to be the best in the industry."

posted on 24 Jul

With an exciting party to celebrate, we've just opened our brand new concept store at Westfield London

Sky Careers

This store is just another way we're showing customers the best of Sky. 

The focal point of the new store is the glass wall - its the largest free-standing video wall in any UK shopping centre! It's brought to life with an ever changing Sky spectrum made from LED lights that move through the glass.

The store is 100% digital and is an interactive entertainment experience for our customers. Two large video walls, comprising of nine digital screens on either side of the glass wall attract them to the store and customers can try our products and content through the touch screens, content highlights, 3D TVs and tablets throughout the store.

posted on 14 May

"We want to create opportunities for up to one million young people to build skills and experience." Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive, Sky

posted on 14 May

Rashee Kapoor has worked at Sky for six years, but initially thought she would only be here for six months on a contract…

Having worked in a variety of roles at Sky for over six years, Rashee supports on the Software Engineering Academy within Technology. Working in Software Engineering, Rashee helps write brilliant, incredibly detailed software that delivers for our customers. Using Agile in scalable teams, many using continuous deployment, she works with a range of languages including Grails, Ruby, Java, PHP, Scala, Groovy, Cassandra, Heroku, Node and JavaScript.

Working somewhere with the freedom to develop ideas and creativity is just one of the reasons Rashee has stayed with Sky for over six years.

posted on 14 May

At the Broadcasting Press Guild awards we picked up a special innovation award for our 25 years in the television industry.

Managing Director of Sky Sports Barney Francis collected the award alongside some of our presenters such as Mike Atherton and Kay Burley.

The judges said: "To Sky, for 25 years of constant & continuing innovation that has transformed the UK television business (& beyond), including multi-channel satellite TV; subscription TV; the UK's first 24-hour news, sport & arts channels; high definition TV; the Sky+ box; 3D TV; live drama & innovative original commissioning; Sky Go, Sky on-demand, NOW TV & other new ways of connecting television & viewers."

Every spring, the Broadcasting Press Guild Television and Radio Awards take place to recognise outstanding programmes and performances from the last year.

posted on 14 May

Our retail sales colleagues tell us about what makes their jobs so special and what they love about selling Sky.

We’re one of the most recognised brands in the country. The quality and sheer breadth of our products and services mean we can appeal to pretty much everyone. But demonstrating exactly what Sky can do and how it can make a difference to people is a real talent.

Whether you’re showing customers the best of Sky in the comfort of their own homes, at one of our retail stores, out and about in a mobile events vehicle or in one of our partnership supermarkets, we’ll rely on you to give people an amazing experience and the information they need to make the right decision. We know it’s not a simple job, but with our great products and services, and brilliant employee benefits – including free Sky+HD, Talk and Broadband – we try to make it as easy and rewarding as possible.