Journalist and Correspondent roles at Sky

You could be a Junior Sub-Editor, Sub-Editor or News Editor. Or perhaps you’re even looking for a senior editorial, correspondent or production role. Wherever your skills lie, make the most of your outstanding news judgement with a broadcaster that believes in improving the quality of reporting – using a wealth of technology and resources to get stories and deliver them to people, wherever they are.


Most likely, you’ll have experience of working with a major broadcaster or in the national press. So you’ll be used to the fast-paced deadlines and tight turnaround times that come with the job. What sets you apart is your ability to spot a news story and generate original and imaginative material. Whether you work on Sky News or Sky Sports, you’ll show you can compete with the best of the industry.

So, if you want to work for a company investing in quality journalism, find out more about the roles we have on offer below.

A Digital Content role at Sky

Working here, you’ll be part of a team that manages the inventive content that goes out across all our digital platforms. Grabbing people’s attention online and across social media, your interactive and engaging propositions will really get people talking about our channels, genres and programmes.


Your experience could range from production and editorial to brand and digital marketing. Obviously, it would be a real advantage if you’ve worked in entertainment before, especially within the factual, art and drama genres. But whatever your background, your passion for TV will shine through everything you do. Highly skilled in working on multiplatform and online projects, this is your chance to make the most of your keen editorial eye and deep understanding of what viewers want.

So if you’re looking to work where digital isn’t just an afterthought, come and join one of the best-known brands in the business.

Commissioning, Acquisitions and Partnerships roles at Sky

When it comes to entertainment and sports, there’s no company quite like Sky. We pride ourselves on delivering the programmes our customers can’t wait to watch. To get this right, we depend on our talented team of Commissioning Editors, Acquisition Managers and Music Licensing Specialists. If you crave creative freedom and the financial backing your ideas deserve, join them and you won’t be disappointed.


You simply love great TV. Plus your passion for making shows that people can’t get enough of shines through everything you do. Able to spot talent and creative brilliance, your competitive streak and tenacity mean you won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. Overall, you’ll be keen to show your imaginative side working as part of a team that’s delivered BAFTA Award-winning shows and innovative programming to over 11 million households.

So if you want to work somewhere that will trust in your ability to do the right thing for our viewers and our business – allowing you to create the ground-breaking shows you want – then why not have a look at the roles we have on offer?

Technology and Product Development

Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Sky. It drives the game-changing innovations that we’re renowned for – developing new products and services that give every one of our customers the experience they want and strengthens our position in a highly competitive marketplace.

We design, develop and look after the systems and products that support our customer base, develop apps for smartphones and tablets and deliver corporate systems to support our thousands of employees.

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This is the creative hub that makes sure everyone knows about our products and services and we know everything about our customers. Whether you’re a brand guru, direct marketer, strategist, researcher, analyst, publicist or press specialist, you’ll have the chance to build on your experience with some extremely talented and ambitious individuals.

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Sales: the final frontier. Join our crew and you’ll seek out new customers and opportunities; boldly going where no salesperson has gone before.

As well as selling to over 12 million customers, we’re responsible for selling Sky products and services to bars, pubs and business premises across the UK and Ireland. So it’s a pretty big operation. You’ll either: demonstrate our products both in the field and in our stores, tailor packages for our customers over the phone or shape our strategies for direct, online and retail sales. Wherever you join us, you’ll receive next-generation training and support.

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Growing our business. Developing groundbreaking products and services. Delivering exceptional entertainment. None of this would happen without the people behind the scenes. It’s all part of being in it together. These professionals look after our strategy, our people, our legal affairs, our suppliers and the environments where we work. Join us and you’ll be part of a big, complex business that always strives to do the right thing – but in the fast-paced and lively culture of Sky, no-one forgets that they’re right at the home of entertainment and home communications.

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Content and Production

Whether it’s star-studded comedies and dramas or thrilling sports moments and up-to-the-minute news stories; if it’s on screen, then one of our Content and Production Teams helped deliver it. Working here, you’ll be responsible for making superb television that sets new industry standards.

Content and Production is a core part of our business, and it’s growing all the time. From Editors, Directors and Producers to specialists skilled in music licensing, scheduling and planning, we’re always looking for ambitious, talented people who believe in making better entertainment. If you’re one of them, find out more about our roles below.

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Planning, Support and Business Improvement roles at Sky

You could be driving improvements to our customers’ billing, exploring new technologies and ways of working, or delivering, big, bold, business-defining projects. You could also be one of the professionals who plan shift rotations and staffing, coach, train or manage our people to make sure they’re the best in the business. Or even be part of a team that helps us create simple online experiences and interactive tools that deliver incredible online and digital customer service.

Whatever your background and expertise, if you want to work in a culture of continuous improvement and make a real difference to our business, one of these roles could be perfect for you.


These roles are as varied as the skills they demand, but essentially you’ll need to be customer-focused, curious and love working as part of a team. Resilient and self-motivated, you’ll see every challenge as an opportunity to show just what you can do.

So if you want to work for a market leader that gives you the opportunity to shape the direction of the business, join the people behind Sky. Click through to find out more and apply.

A Home Service role at Sky

Our Home Service team are the face of Sky. This team is made up of Home Service Engineers, who drive around the country, installing and maintaining our in-home entertainment systems. And also our Broadband Tech Experts, who make sure our customers are getting the most out of their Sky products and services.

Whichever role you join us in you’ll be part of an outstanding team who always go the extra mile for each other. Plenty of support and mentoring will be on hand during your day-to-day role, and when you’re ready to take your career to the next level, all the training you need to get there will be yours. Join us and make sure every customer receives the best Sky experience every time.


Wherever you work, you’ll need to take pride in a job well done – and that means looking out for your team-mates as well as doing the right thing for our customers. Flexible, resilient, self-motivated and technically-minded, you’ll have a real thirst for learning and you’ll see every challenge as a chance to show just what you can do.

So if you want to work for a company that gives you variety of work, freedom to develop your career and the rewards you deserve, join the people behind Sky. Click through to find out more and apply.