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“Although it’s a busy period, the team is well prepared for it and the hours are much more sociable than you’d expect."

Sky Careers

Before working in the team I never really appreciated the variety and scope of work that’s involved.  I had always thought that a role in Group Performance Reporting would be filled with late nights at month end in front of big spreadsheets adding up lots of numbers, but that’s far from the truth.  My work here has been very varied, I’ve led works streams to improve our finance systems, figured out how to perform a multi-currency consolidation for the first time, flown to Milan and Munich to meet new colleagues following our acquisition of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland and played a central role in our quarterly results presentations for over a year.

Things really get exciting in the run up to our quarterly results, and Q1 was no exception.  Given were one of the fastest reporting teams on the FTSE, the month before results is usually over before you know it.  We get financials from each country at the beginning of October then it’s a three week sprint to prepare all of our presentations and brief the CFO and investor relation team on our financial performance before results are presented on October 21st.  Although it’s a busy period, the team is well prepared for it and the hours are much more sociable than you’d expect. 

One of the most important aspects of working in the team around quarter end is having a really good understanding of Sky’s businesses and being able to articulate both the financial and operational performance in a way that really gives credit to all the hard work that the teams have put in to deliver the results.  For me this has meant traveling across Europe to meet finance teams in Italy and Germany and working closely with our finance teams here in the UK to understand how each business has performed and develop the ‘story’ for the quarter.

One thing I’ve gained, which I feel is unique to this role, is the ability to step back and look at the performance of the whole company and appreciate the metrics which really drive growth in our share price.  I’ve also been empowered to write the initial draft of the CFO’s presentation of the quarterly results to our Board and even write the draft financial section for the press release. 

Results morning is usually a bit of a whirlwind, starting at 7 a.m., I’m in the office on hand in case the investor relation team need help with a tricky question or a piece of information they don’t have to hand.  Then there’s the results call at 9 a.m., which is when all of the hard work comes to an end and you can breathe a sigh of relief while listening to Andrew talk through the financial performance that you’ve spent the last month work on and watch the share price bounce through the day!

posted on 29 Oct

David Tinney, Head of Projects,Technology explains what our tech teams are doing improve how we deliver new products to the European market

Sky Careers

As a larger, European business, we now serve more than 21 million customers across five countries, which is huge. Our task here in Technology is to improve the speed at which we deliver new products and services to all those customers whether they be in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany or Austria. 

Over the past few months our Technology teams have come together across Europe to look at an exciting opportunity, the European Data Centre Consolidation Initiative (EDCCI). It sounds quite grand, but put simply the idea is to use all our collective skills, abilities and resources to effectively manage our data centres across Europe. And data centres, for those of you who aren’t aware, are where we store and back up all the information we need to run our businesses. 

Our data centres are important as they underpin our internal technology services, and help us to consistently and reliably deliver to our customers.

The things we have been considering as we worked on this project are flexibility and efficiency. How can we make sure we can respond to the changes needs of all our businesses across Europe and be as cost efficient as possible.

All of the European teams have embraced the project with great positivity and enthusiasm and, in my 14 years at Sky, I have never seen so many different departments, countries, and stakeholders come together with such vigour and enthusiasm as I have with this programme.

The programme is moving into the delivery phase and, as the new European Wide Area Network (WAN) is commissioned, the first applications will be moved from an outsourced Data Centre in Germany to our state-of-the-art Scottish Data Centres, utilising some of the latest technologies.

It’s a long journey that has just begun and we are all excited to be part of such an important transformation as part of the bigger Sky.

posted on 28 Oct

" I adore the people I work with and love that Sky has put together an amazing array of people with so many different backgrounds and cultures"

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Shamiso aka Sham
  2. Job title: Customer Advisor
  3. What area of Sky do you work in?   TV Help- Stockport, however I am currently on a seconded role working within the Shield Team. They are a team of Advisors who give extra technical support to the contact centre.
  4. How did you get to where you are now?  I’ve worked for Sky for nearly 4 years now.  After a few years I decided that I wanted to progress my career and spoke with my Manager who was extremely supportive towards my development.. I have been proactive along my journey ever since.
  5. Describe a typical day…  Start off with a wonderful cup of tea and log into my many systems that I have access to. My team are classed as the go to team and on a daily basis my role is to support the Advisor’s TV queries, this includes both technical and billing.
  6. What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis?  I support teams and individuals who need extra help resolving issues, take live calls with customers and have an amazing opportunity to work on projects such as reporting back on Credits , Offers and vouchers on site. I also have fantastic exposure to other departments and teams in Stockport that I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to meet.
  7. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? It’s great, I love my life outside of work. I go to church, love singing and within my church we do so many amazing things for the community.  Sky is very similar as there is always something different going on and lot’s to be involved in; you can even win prizes from sweets to TV’s!!
  8. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? I adore the people I work with and love that Sky has put together an amazing array of people with so many different backgrounds and cultures.
  9. What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? Put yourself out there because Sky will support everything you want to do, just be proactive and positive about it!!
  10. An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you?  I’ve lived in 5 countries, Zimbabwe where I was born, Botswana in Southern Africa, South Africa, Kenya and now the UK where I have lived since 2000. Sham’s interesting  fact…“Sweetcorn to me is like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to you!! Crazy but true!!!!!”
posted on 28 Oct

“There are always opportunities available and chances to create them for yourself”

Sky Careers

I don’t watch much TV really…

Quite possibly the worst words that could have left my mouth at an interview for Sky! But nonetheless I must have done something right and I was hired as a Forum Coordinator this time last year. It’s certainly been a whirlwind of a year with new line managers, switching teams and lots of other changes to Sky as a business. Ultimately though I wouldn’t change a thing about this past year and I’ll tell you why.

As a Forum Coordinator I get massive exposure to what’s happening across all areas of the business and witness the drive everyone shares for our customers through all aspects of Sky; whether that’s providing great service or content, it doesn’t matter. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who showcases their love of Sky. Even outside of working hours, I’m known for challenging my friends and using the word pesky before BT or Virgin now, whilst defending our content and packages….

But that’s not the only reason I enjoy my work so much. There are always opportunities available and chances to create them for yourself. I’ve had amazing opportunities thrown my way but also pushed for some and got them!  That’s one thing I’d recommend anyone working for Sky or wanting a job at Sky does; take advantage of all the development opportunities and drive your career forward. It’s worth it!

Finally, I wouldn’t be here without Sky’s Forum Reps, who passionately voice our people’s views across the business. So a quick thank you to all of them for welcoming me with open arms and letting me off after a few ‘mishaps’ (like booking some chatty reps in the quiet coach on their train journey back from a Forum meeting)!

It’s been an eventful year but I’m excited for what the next year will bring.

posted on 27 Oct

“You need a calm head and an ability to work as a team to get through it all but this is the excitement that we work in graphics for”

Sky Careers
  1. Name:  Dean
  2. Job title: Studio Graphics Operator
  3. What area of Sky do you work in? Sky Production Services
  4. How did you get to where you are now? It wasn’t really a linear journey; I liken it to Frodo’s journey in Fellowship of the Ring… I started off working for a documentary company (Unicorn TV)  doing general runner type jobs around the office. Mostly jobs included things like calling up the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to ask if they would bury the ashes of a dog at sea or playing the part of an 80’s police officer in a reconstruction … so, you know, the standard jobs. From there I moved to Summer films and worked as a runner on documentaries such a as: The Treeman, The Cure, Octopus Man, Real Wolf Kids, Electric Human, My Shocking Story and Living with the Hoff. It certainly gave me a great footing in media and certainly helped me in my next move. I then moved to a “Sales Channel” here is where I developed my love for working in a live studio environment. Day to day I would be working with lighting, set design, cameras, transmission, vision mixing and the joys of working with sales channel presenters. Are you still awake? Well this is where I arrived at Sky almost 5 years ago. I have loved it from day 1, the people I have met and jobs I’ve worked on. 
  5. Describe a typical day… As many people have said before me and many will say after, there isn’t really such thing as a typical day. Across the team we work across Studios, Sky News and Sky Sports News, depending on what job you are on, e.g Studio, Outside Broadcast, TOG shift, Sports News, prep day etc;  they all have different priorities and thinking processes throughout the day. One attribute you will need on all of the above is proactivity. If I take a Sky Sports News shift then my day to day can be completely different. You could be in on a Monday making graphics that describe the weekends sport.  The rundown of the show is usually mapped out, so at this point Sky Sports News is like a duck on a lake, smoothly gliding along the water’s surface; but anything could change at the last minute. For example if a Premier League manager is sacked, suddenly the rundown isn’t so mapped out, new graphics drop in from several sources, things need to be put on the server, quotes come in that need to be typed up, twitter images, stats from Opta, next fixtures, last results… you get the picture. Now it is not so calm, our metaphorical duck is now upside down and the lake is on fire. You need a calm head and an ability to work as a team to get through it but this is the excitement that we work in graphics for. Almost as soon as it arrived, the story and the need for graphics reduce and the lake extinguishes itself.
  6. What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis? I work across Sky News, Sky Sports or Sky Sports news. I think that I am probably most comfortable in the Sports News environment. It isn’t as intense as a studio or an outside broadcast but it requires your constant attention. A 10 hour shift that can go in multiple directions during the day and will literally never be the same as the day before. From who you are working with to the stories you are talking about (unless you are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo being transferred back to Manchester United, that story will always be around). In Sports News we use Chyron and Viz to achieve our desired look on output. I am more comfortable working with Chyron but am by no means a specialist*, it gives us the freedom to manipulate the templates we already have and tender them to meet productions demands. Every so often they may throw us a curve ball request but I would like to think we can get something to air which is well within the realms of what they wanted.  (*But I am extremely modest)
  7. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job?  Working in sport. On a Saturday I am watching every single Premier League game at the same time and not getting grief from my girlfriend for it… that’s my job! I get to sit watching golf and rugby and travel around the world on various outside broadcasts. Can’t ever think that would be a bad thing… unless I was scared of flying or hated sport. In that case this maybe isn’t for you
  8. What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing?  You can teach the technology and how, when and why we do certain things at certain times…but you can’t teach someone’s passion for working in TV, whether that’s Sports, News or in Studios.
  9.  An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you?  I think Paramore are better than the Beatles.
posted on 27 Oct

"One minute I could be in a meeting about Transfer Deadline Day, the next I could be brainstorming ideas for how we promote our next big Box Office Boxing event..”

Sky Careers
  1. Name:  Tom
  2. Job title: Media Planner for Sky Sports
  3. What area of Sky do you work in?  Promo Strategy
  4. How did you get to where you are now?  I decided at a fairly young age that I wanted to work in TV so I studied Media at both A-Level and at University (if anyone tells you not to study Media if you want a career in the Media industry then I am living proof that’s nonsense). Whilst at Uni I tried to get as much unpaid work experience as I could and did a few Production running jobs. After graduating, I got a role at Channel 4 working in transmission for 4Music and then after 2 years there I felt ready for a step up and applied for a Presentation Scheduler position at Sky and the rest as they say is history.
  5. How have you made a difference in your role? I worked on continuity planning (telling the announcers what to talk about on-air) for about 4 and a half years and was lucky enough to be trusted with almost complete ownership of the planning. I’d like to think I had a lot of input into shaping how we use continuity across our channels by developing our strategy and training new starters.
  6. Describe a typical day…  My role has changed recently and I now work solely across promo planning on Sky Sports which is a dream for me as I am fanatical when it comes to sport! I’m not sure a typical day really exists at Sky but one minute I could be in a meeting about Transfer Deadline Day, the next I could be brainstorming ideas for how we promote our next big Box Office Boxing event and then I could be providing pointers for Martin Tyler to throw to during Super Sunday. One thing’s for sure, I’m never bored!
  7. What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis? The Promo Strategy department is all about ensuring we are making the most of our on-air promotional airtime. This could be in the form of promos, continuity or in-programme promotion. My job is to make sure we are communicating effectively to our customers by targeting the right people and supplying them with the relevant messaging so that we can achieve objectives set out by key stakeholders across the business.
  8. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? Like any job there can be busy periods and quieter moments but Sky do everything they can to help make the work / life balance manageable.  In the 5 and a half years I’ve been at Sky the Osterley campus has changed drastically for the better, with new state of the art facilities popping up all the time to improve our working environment. We have an amazing gym, a superb selection of restaurants, bike repair shop, salon, laundry service… I could go on!
  9. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? Being encouraged and motivated to constantly try and improve the way we do things. No matter what level you’re at, if you have a good idea you will be listened to.
  10. What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? Get your foot in the door. You don’t necessarily have to get your dream job straight away so don’t be afraid to look at a variety of entry level roles. Once you’re in, a whole range of possibilities and opportunities will arise... I didn’t even know my job existed before I started working in TV!
  11. An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? Before my career in TV I wanted to be a rock star! I used to play the Bass guitar in a Heavy Metal band and I’d like to think that we weren’t terrible… we even got played on Radio 1 (albeit at 2am).





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“I’ve been very lucky to work across multiple teams and get a lot of experience”

Sky Careers

Your names:



Grad/Placement programme:              

Katie: Corporate Affairs Placement (Policy and Public Affairs Team)

Louise: Marketing Graduate

University studied at, course and graduation year:

Katie: University of Leeds, Management with Marketing, 2 years completed – graduate 2017

Louise: University of Leeds, History, graduated in 2014

What you do at Sky:

Katie: I work in the Policy and Public Affairs Team. We monitor and respond to policy issues which could affect Sky. We also manage our relationships with political stakeholders such as the Sky News Reception and Dinner at Party Conference.

Louise: I’m currently in my Below the Line Communications rotation. I work in Sky Store, helping promote our new release films via both social media and email.

Your top application tip for people applying now:   

Katie: The broader, unusual and wide ranging your interests and more you do whilst you’re at university gives you more to talk about. Try and bring a bit of personality into your application!

Louise: Research Sky so that you know it inside out, and showcase your knowledge throughout your application!

What have you enjoyed most since starting/what’s surprised you most:

Katie: Everyone is so welcoming at Sky and there’s never such a thing as stupid question. I’ve been very lucky to work across multiple teams and get a lot of experience from running events to website design to writing policy submissions to government! Sky is a very broad company and there are some incredible opportunities!

Louise: The amount of responsibility you take on right from the beginning – you aren’t treated as ‘just’ a graduate, you’re one of the team.

posted on 26 Oct

“I was surprised at how much responsibility you get from day one.”

Sky Careers

Your names: 



Grad programme:           

Divia: Technology Graduate Programme

Sam: Software Engineering Academy

University studied at, course and graduation year: 

Divia: Electrical and electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, Graduated 2014

Sam: University of East Anglia, Graduated 2013

What you do at Sky:    

Divia: Analysis and design of future launch propositions for Sky Broadcast

Sam: Developing, modernising and redesigning the Sky Go Website for a launch next year with cool new features and more using AngularJS

Your top application tip for people applying now: 

Divia: You need to have and show passion and give key examples of skillset

Sam: Don't be afraid to talk about any interesting hobbies or other activities you were involved in both inside and outside University that make you unique. A lot of those skills will be transferable to Sky

What have you enjoyed most since starting/what’s surprised you most:    

Divia: I enjoyed the variance of the roles/rotations the most. The thing that surprised me most was how tailored and personal this scheme is.

Sam: Being on the graduate programme with all the other grads of a similar age and the relaxed friendly working atmosphere. I was surprised by how much responsibility you get from day one.

posted on 23 Oct

“My job is to help create the Best Finance team in Europe”

Sky Careers

Name: Rob Collie

Role: Director of Group Finance Delivery

Joined Sky: September 2008

Roles at Sky:

  • Finance Delivery
  • Finance Development
  • Finance Strategy & Performance

Summary of Current role: My job is to help create the Best Finance team in Europe, by bringing together the Finance teams, processes, systems and data of UK & Ireland, Germany and Italy. Whilst ensuring that UK & Ireland Finance Delivery team continue to do a fantastic job. 

60 seconds with Rob…

  1. How do you relax away from work? When I’m not walking the dog or taxing my kids around, I get to let loose in the garden with my electric drill and other gardening tools.
  2. What are you watching right now? As much football as I’m allowed, which tends to be the last 30 mins of live games.  I would also encourage everyone to watch the kids programme ‘Amazing World of Gumball’ – it’s awesome!
  3. Who’s influenced you most in your career? I think the culture of your first job really shapes you, and for me that was Arthur Andersen – professional, proud, proactive, empowered, one team and fun.  I want Sky Finance to be similarly inspiring.
  4. What was the last book you read? I typically read 2 or 3 books on the go. Currently reading the Shardlake series (just now “Sovereign”), being a who-dunnit in Henry VIII time, plus “When to rob a Bank” by the Freakonomics guys.
  5. What’s on your play list these days? I’m a bit of an Indie kid: Catfish & the Bottlemen, the Vaccines, Wolf Alice, Alt-J, Nick Cave… along with some bouncy David Guetta and Calvin Harris.
  6. What’s your signature dish when you cook? I’m bad. Really bad. Fish fingers & chips. Or toast
  7. What’s your secret talent? Am I allowed to say PowerPoint? Otherwise, it’s that I can’t taste or smell truffles. Which with my Roman nose is somewhat surprising...
posted on 20 Oct

We’re committed to our customers. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for talented people to join us.

Sky Careers

Want to know more about a career at one of our Contact Centres?

This November we’re opening our doors to show you what it’s really like to work here. This is a great opportunity to get a first-hand look at what we do, learn more about our training and career opportunities,  as well as the chance to meet some of our fantastic people.

Making every day extraordinary for our customers is a real team effort. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for enthusiastic and talented people to join our teams. And what better way to find the right people than for us to get to know you over an informal chat and some refreshments.

Where and when?

Stockport – Sales Advisor and Service Advisor roles

St Peter's Square, Stockport SK1 1DL

Friday, 6th November 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday, 7th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Dunfermline – Sales Advisor and Service Advisor roles

Sky Carnegie Campus, Dunfermline, KY11 8GH

Friday, 13th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday, 14th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Uddingston – Sales Advisor roles

Portal Building, Tannochside Drive, Tannochside Park, Uddingston, G71 5PD (across from DPD)

Friday, 13th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday, 14th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Livingston – Service Advisor roles

Sky 2, MacIntosh Road, Kirkton Campus, Livingston, EH54 7BW

Friday, 13th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday, 14th November 10:00am – 5:00pm

Newcastle – Sales Advisor roles

Wellbar Central, 36 Gallowgate, Newcastle, NE1 4TD

Wednesday, 18th November 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Thursday, 19th November 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Like what you see?

We have exciting opportunities for Customer Advisors and can’t wait to tell you about them. We’re looking for friendly individuals who are committed to delivering excellent service.  If you’ve got the right attitude, we’ll give you all the training you need to succeed.

What’s more, if you join us you’ll be entitled to a great salary and terrific benefits, including free Sky TV and broadband, incentives throughout the year, private healthcare and multiple discounts from retailers.

So join us at one of our sites above and learn what your future could be like with Sky.

If you can’t make it along, you can apply for one our roles by clicking on the relevant link below. Good luck!

Service - Stockport

Sales - Stockport

Sales - Dunfermline

Service - Dunfermline

Sales - Uddingston

Service - Livingston

Sales - Newcastle