posted on 29 Jan

“You’ve got to love the challenge.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name:  Joe
  2. Job title: Broadcast Services Apprentice
  3. Describe your role in one word?  Control
  4. What area of Sky do you work in? Technology (MCR specifically). This is the Master Control Room in which we set up, maintain and take down all feeds (live and pre-recorded) coming into, and out of Sky.
  5. Describe a typical day… Once I’ve had the morning coffee I’ll get in and set up my workstation, scan through the day’s plan and see what’s going on. I’ll ensure the correct links between the different sets of equipment have been set up and then begin to work on each feed as it comes in. This involves lining up the audio and video with an on-site engineer, and then making any adjustments that may be necessary. The job is most exciting when something isn’t working and we’ve got to fix it as soon as possible. You’ve got to love the challenge. I’ll head to the gym once the day calms down in the mid afternoon and then get back and finish up the day’s jobs. Finally, I’ll handover the details for any on-going feeds to the next shift.
  6. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? The shift work allows a lot of free time so I’ve found it really easy to keep up with my hobbies and keep in touch with my friends. Something I really appreciate about the role is that due to the type of work I’m doing I don’t have to take anything home with me which means in my free time I can focus on anything other than work.
  7. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your role and what surprised you most? I think the most enjoyable thing about the job is the environment we work in. Every day can present you with a different challenge which makes it fun to come into work.
  8. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done at Sky? Seeing Henry in the flesh is always a surreal experience. You can bump into just about anybody in the Sky Studios- I’ve also met Paige and the Big Show from WWE in Sky Sports News. I’ve also had the chance to get taken out with the satellite trucks to view the process of an uplink from the engineer’s perspective.
  9. Your top application tip for people applying now? Let your personality shine through in what you write down for your application, you don’t want to come across as robotic or scripted.
  10. An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I’m actually really musical- I play the guitar and the piano. My Mum says I’m really good. 
posted on 29 Jan

“I really feel like I’m making a difference here and helping us provide the best service in the country”

Sky Careers
  1. Name:  Emma
  2. Job title: Operational Trainer
  3. Describe your role in one word? Amazing!
  4. What area of Sky do you work in? Service Training
  5. Describe a typical day… A typical day for me would be between 8:30 – 5 but I’m on a flexi shift at the moment so I can work various shifts. I train existing or new staff in many different areas like accessibility, sales service, iknow2, induction return including billing and TV technical. On a daily basis I’m on hand for my colleagues, they know I’m flexible because of my shifts. I create flip charts and posters for my next upcoming delivery. I really feel like I’m making a difference here and helping us provide the best service in the country.
  6. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? I can be very busy some days, however I have plenty of time to spend with my friends outside of work. In general it’s very flexible here and everyone understands the importance of seeing friends and family.
  7. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your role and what surprised you most? The most enjoyable thing would have to be the amazing friends I’ve made in Sky.
  8. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done at Sky? I’d have to say the coolest thing I’ve done here is being given the responsibility to be Sky ambassador. Being an ambassador has given me many opportunities like being interviewed by MP’s, being on TV adverts, Facebook and online. I’ve also been down to London for training and I’m sure there’s much more awesome events to come.
  9. Your top application tip for people applying now? My top tip is - be yourself! Show you’re upbeat and positive and excited about working here. For me what stood out the most as a kid coming out of school and having no idea what I wanted to do with my career, is the fact I didn’t need experience. All I needed was to show them what kind of person I am and my willingness to learn.
  10. An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies and every time I put them on I fall asleep within 13 minutes.


  • Unveiled the second generation box for NOW TV.


  • NOW TV Sky Sports Month Pass launched to customers.
  • Introduced a destination for kids’ content on our TV homepage. 
  • Acquired Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia.


  • NOW TV became available on a variety of new devices including Chromecast and Apple TV. 


  • Unveiled the Sky Service app for customers to manage their Sky account wherever they are. 


  • Sky+ TV Guide got a massive overhaul, putting on-demand at the centre of the homepage.
  • Introduced Sky Store Buy & Keep movie service offering a free DVD sent through the post with every film bought digitally.
posted on 22 Jan

"We have a great team and the atmosphere is excellent.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Paul
  2. Job title: Customer Advisor, Livingston
  3. How did you get to where you are now? I applied to join the first Broadband Technical team when it was launched in Livingston. Since then the job has adapted into a case team for escalated/ongoing issues.  It’s been brilliant to take ownership of escalated issues and find a solution for customers
  4. How have you made a difference in your role? I’ve been part of a team that listens to our customer’s feedback on the various systems we use, making it easier to manage and maintain a high customer survey score. As a result of customer feedback, the changes I’ve put forward help us to clearly understand the best action to take.
  5. Describe a typical day… First, I work the MHR cases, making sure that our customers receive the scheduled calls they’re expecting. Once I’ve cleared them I then receive inbound calls. These calls include escalated technical issues and engineer enquires.
  6. What’s your work environment like? We have a great team and the atmosphere is excellent. Everyone is keen to help each other and you’re never stuck if you need help. That work ethic extends to our managers as well.
  7. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? My team. The fact that we all work hard together to make sure we’re doing the best possible job for our customers. Also knowing the feedback we send to make things better for our customers and our processes will make a difference.
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Working here your career can go in so many different directions, so you can never be sure where you’ll end up.
  9. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? Due to the current shifts I do, I feel I have a really good work life balance. We also have shift swap available as an option which really helps.
  10. What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? You need to show passion for doing the right thing and have trust in your colleagues. 
  11. An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I saved an Osprey’s life once. The Osprey was really badly hurt laying next to a loch and was starving. I managed to hand feed it and take care of it. Then I released it back to the wild with help of the RSPCA. 
posted on 19 Jan

“What great candidates on the Software Engineering Academy all demonstrate is their passion for Technology.”

Sky Careers

It really doesn’t matter what you’ve studied. Genuinely. We get asked this question all the time on campus and what great candidates on the Software Engineering Academy all demonstrate is their passion for Technology.

This may be through studying a Computer Science or IT related degree or not! You could be studying something like Geography or Art but enjoy coding or creating apps, anything that would make you someone that would fully embrace the great training and development opportunities provided on the programme which will ultimately give you all the tools you need to be a great Software Developer.

We need to see this on your application. When you’re asked “Why Sky?” and “Why this programme?” you need to ensure you’ve spent time identifying the reasons that the role stands out. It’s not enough to say Sky’s a big company with great opportunities…. Ask your careers service for advice, they’re there to help.

If your written application is successful, you’ll be asked to complete a coding test.  They’ll be a set deadline for this giving everyone the same opportunity to show us their skills. This is a key way of us identifying your suitability for the role. As highlighted above your background doesn’t matter but we’re looking for the below in your response:

  • Good coding structure
  • Code efficiency
  • Non repeating code I.e. Use of loops rather than repeating the same piece of code over and over again
  • Ability to meet a brief – providing a response that meets this rather than going off on a tangent
  • Evidence of code you have actually created
  • Testable code


We get lots of messages on the best approach to take when completing the task, so we caught up with Conrad who heads up the Software Engineering Academy to give you some tips on how to approach the test. Here are his top tips:

  • Read the brief carefully – sounds obvious, but be really clear on what you’ve been asked to do
  • Break the test down into modules
  • Plan your work – it’ll really help you to reach the end goal
  • Choose your technologies carefully and use a modern day web language. You can pick whichever one you’d like to use that you feel is best suited to completing the task
  • Test you code and make sure it works as you would expect it to – when we view it, you want us to see it at its best so this is a must!
  • Use of frameworks is permitted, but don’t over use them
  • If you don’t have knowledge in a particular area, then research it, look it up online and then apply it.  It’s not cheating and something that we really look for.


The most important thing though is take you time and don’t rush. When submitting your final solution provide us with some documentation on how to get the test running. A zipped folder is our preferred way of receiving it but if you struggle to submit this way, using something like Dropbox is acceptable, just send us the link and all the information we’ll need to access it.

A telephone interview and assessment centre will then follow where we’ll get a chance to find out plenty more about you. 

posted on 18 Jan

“As a Runner, organisation and taking ownership of processes, is key.”

Sky Careers

Hi, my name is Sean and I’m a staff runner working within Sky Production Services (SPS). I’ve been here since September 2015, having come from doing a Masters in TV Journalism.

So, how does my role fit into Sky?

As a runner, my job is an important part of the operations both on shoots and in-house, and vital to the smooth running of Sky. A varied role, it allows me to work with different areas of the company and to take an active involvement in making sure the post production phase of making TV goes as smoothly as possible. When looking after original material, I have an important role in making sure it arrives at the next stage of production in a timely and efficient manner.

What do I do within my department?I work for Sky Production Services, and I report to our Account Managers (AM) – who help organise and facilitate shoots. Within SPS, there are also Post-production Co-ordinators who organise the post-phase of programmes. At the most basic level, my job is to act as the link between clients (producers, editors, execs etc), the Account Managers and Post-Coordinators, doing whatever they need to make the programmes work; and to represent our business to many of our clients.

What’s a typical day like?

My day to day job is as varied as are the requests made to me. Picking up guests, organising ID passes, building welcome packs and booking dressing rooms. I ferry Master copies of content from one location to another, and knowing and logging the location and status of every piece of material created for original Sky Entertainment programming are vital parts of the job. Occasionally as well, I get to work on shoots both in-house, and at studios like Shepperton. Contrary to some, runners are more than just tea and coffee monkeys, but if an executive or famous face in for a Voice Over wants a cappuccino, then I’ll be there in a flash!

Any advice for doing your job well?

As a runner, organisation is key, and taking ownership of the processes which allow me to track the movement of content and materials. Having a knack for client relationships is also a key skill, as you never know who you might be working with again. ,

How have you found your first few months here?

My first few months here have been a brilliant learning curve and given me insight in the multiple layers that go into making Sky Entertainment programmes. I’ve had to quickly learn how the massive machine of Sky works, and adapt my working style to the needs of both my managers, and the clients I work with.  Overall, I’ve loved being in an environment where quality broadcasting is made, and it’s certainly somewhere I’d like to stay in the future

Sean, Staff Runner for Sky Production Services