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"We have a great team and the atmosphere is excellent.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Paul
  2. Job title: Customer Advisor, Livingston
  3. How did you get to where you are now? I applied to join the first Broadband Technical team when it was launched in Livingston. Since then the job has adapted into a case team for escalated/ongoing issues.  It’s been brilliant to take ownership of escalated issues and find a solution for customers
  4. How have you made a difference in your role? I’ve been part of a team that listens to our customer’s feedback on the various systems we use, making it easier to manage and maintain a high customer survey score. As a result of customer feedback, the changes I’ve put forward help us to clearly understand the best action to take.
  5. Describe a typical day… First, I work the MHR cases, making sure that our customers receive the scheduled calls they’re expecting. Once I’ve cleared them I then receive inbound calls. These calls include escalated technical issues and engineer enquires.
  6. What’s your work environment like? We have a great team and the atmosphere is excellent. Everyone is keen to help each other and you’re never stuck if you need help. That work ethic extends to our managers as well.
  7. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? My team. The fact that we all work hard together to make sure we’re doing the best possible job for our customers. Also knowing the feedback we send to make things better for our customers and our processes will make a difference.
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Working here your career can go in so many different directions, so you can never be sure where you’ll end up.
  9. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? Due to the current shifts I do, I feel I have a really good work life balance. We also have shift swap available as an option which really helps.
  10. What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? You need to show passion for doing the right thing and have trust in your colleagues. 
  11. An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I saved an Osprey’s life once. The Osprey was really badly hurt laying next to a loch and was starving. I managed to hand feed it and take care of it. Then I released it back to the wild with help of the RSPCA. 
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“What great candidates on the Software Engineering Academy all demonstrate is their passion for Technology.”

Sky Careers

It really doesn’t matter what you’ve studied. Genuinely. We get asked this question all the time on campus and what great candidates on the Software Engineering Academy all demonstrate is their passion for Technology.

This may be through studying a Computer Science or IT related degree or not! You could be studying something like Geography or Art but enjoy coding or creating apps, anything that would make you someone that would fully embrace the great training and development opportunities provided on the programme which will ultimately give you all the tools you need to be a great Software Developer.

We need to see this on your application. When you’re asked “Why Sky?” and “Why this programme?” you need to ensure you’ve spent time identifying the reasons that the role stands out. It’s not enough to say Sky’s a big company with great opportunities…. Ask your careers service for advice, they’re there to help.

If your written application is successful, you’ll be asked to complete a coding test.  They’ll be a set deadline for this giving everyone the same opportunity to show us their skills. This is a key way of us identifying your suitability for the role. As highlighted above your background doesn’t matter but we’re looking for the below in your response:

  • Good coding structure
  • Code efficiency
  • Non repeating code I.e. Use of loops rather than repeating the same piece of code over and over again
  • Ability to meet a brief – providing a response that meets this rather than going off on a tangent
  • Evidence of code you have actually created
  • Testable code


We get lots of messages on the best approach to take when completing the task, so we caught up with Conrad who heads up the Software Engineering Academy to give you some tips on how to approach the test. Here are his top tips:

  • Read the brief carefully – sounds obvious, but be really clear on what you’ve been asked to do
  • Break the test down into modules
  • Plan your work – it’ll really help you to reach the end goal
  • Choose your technologies carefully and use a modern day web language. You can pick whichever one you’d like to use that you feel is best suited to completing the task
  • Test you code and make sure it works as you would expect it to – when we view it, you want us to see it at its best so this is a must!
  • Use of frameworks is permitted, but don’t over use them
  • If you don’t have knowledge in a particular area, then research it, look it up online and then apply it.  It’s not cheating and something that we really look for.


The most important thing though is take you time and don’t rush. When submitting your final solution provide us with some documentation on how to get the test running. A zipped folder is our preferred way of receiving it but if you struggle to submit this way, using something like Dropbox is acceptable, just send us the link and all the information we’ll need to access it.

A telephone interview and assessment centre will then follow where we’ll get a chance to find out plenty more about you. 

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“As a Runner, organisation and taking ownership of processes, is key.”

Sky Careers

Hi, my name is Sean and I’m a staff runner working within Sky Production Services (SPS). I’ve been here since September 2015, having come from doing a Masters in TV Journalism.

So, how does my role fit into Sky?

As a runner, my job is an important part of the operations both on shoots and in-house, and vital to the smooth running of Sky. A varied role, it allows me to work with different areas of the company and to take an active involvement in making sure the post production phase of making TV goes as smoothly as possible. When looking after original material, I have an important role in making sure it arrives at the next stage of production in a timely and efficient manner.

What do I do within my department?I work for Sky Production Services, and I report to our Account Managers (AM) – who help organise and facilitate shoots. Within SPS, there are also Post-production Co-ordinators who organise the post-phase of programmes. At the most basic level, my job is to act as the link between clients (producers, editors, execs etc), the Account Managers and Post-Coordinators, doing whatever they need to make the programmes work; and to represent our business to many of our clients.

What’s a typical day like?

My day to day job is as varied as are the requests made to me. Picking up guests, organising ID passes, building welcome packs and booking dressing rooms. I ferry Master copies of content from one location to another, and knowing and logging the location and status of every piece of material created for original Sky Entertainment programming are vital parts of the job. Occasionally as well, I get to work on shoots both in-house, and at studios like Shepperton. Contrary to some, runners are more than just tea and coffee monkeys, but if an executive or famous face in for a Voice Over wants a cappuccino, then I’ll be there in a flash!

Any advice for doing your job well?

As a runner, organisation is key, and taking ownership of the processes which allow me to track the movement of content and materials. Having a knack for client relationships is also a key skill, as you never know who you might be working with again. ,

How have you found your first few months here?

My first few months here have been a brilliant learning curve and given me insight in the multiple layers that go into making Sky Entertainment programmes. I’ve had to quickly learn how the massive machine of Sky works, and adapt my working style to the needs of both my managers, and the clients I work with.  Overall, I’ve loved being in an environment where quality broadcasting is made, and it’s certainly somewhere I’d like to stay in the future

Sean, Staff Runner for Sky Production Services

posted on 18 Jan

"Be willing to change the way you think about developing software as well as be open to teamwork"

Sky Careers

Names: Thomas, Jaspal and Ryan

University studied at, course and graduation:

Thomas: University of Hull, Computer Science with Games Development, 2016

Jaspal: University of Reading, Computer Science, 2016

Ryan: Aberystwyth University, Computer Science, 2016.

Describe your role in one word?

Thomas: Captivating

Jaspal: Rewarding

Ryan: Enjoyable

What did you work on whilst on the Developer Summer Placement at Sky?

Thomas: I worked with a team of graduates on the blogging site for our developers. Part of this was an integrated Blog Approval system to allow only high quality blogs to be published. After that my team looked into designing and creating its own bespoke blog editor.

Jaspal: I was placed within a team of graduates who were developing an iPad application to be used by the Sky Vision team.  It was exciting to work on an application that’d actually be used within the company.  I had the role of a developer, just like the other graduates, to create the app to the desired specification.

Ryan: I worked in the recommendations development team working on surveys. After around 6 weeks I moved to the NowTV team and was part of a graduate team working on their show trending micro-service that was being developed. This was exciting as I was able to use prior experience from one team to another. 

What did you do on a day-to-day basis?

Thomas: I worked in a team using the method SCRUM. The SCRUM master was very experienced and was able to help us all along the way. As a team we’d meet with our SCRUM master once a week to look back on last week’s progress. We’d then hold a planning meeting to decide actions for the next sprint. We’d also meet weekly with Conrad, the Software Engineering Academy Lead here. At certain stages we presented what we’d done so far to our product owners, these are the ones who you’re developing the software for. 

Jaspal: The start of the day would involve a short standup meeting with the wider team talking about what was done the previous day and what would be worked on that same day.  Each morning I would be paired with another member of the team to pick up new tasks to work on.  Majority of the time would be spent coding or researching solutions, whilst also reviewing other team member’s code if they’d completed a task.

Ryan: My day to day interactions involved programming, testing and deploying software which we had completed. We had lots of team meetings to discuss planning, how things are progressing and finally showing off the product to the product owners which I led one week! We got involved in meetings with the business analysts and different teams across Sky. 

What did you find most challenging?

Thomas: If you were stuck on a problem and couldn’t get your head round it. Although what was great was support was always there, I just needed to ask.

Jaspal: Working with a new technology language that I hadn’t worked with before, but the other graduates were always willing to support me if I was stuck and needed help.

Ryan: Coming onto a project and catching up with everyone using a different technology you didn’t know about. This isn’t a bad challenge and in the end with a great team, it made it easier and it was more fun than challenging. 

What did you enjoy most?

Thomas: Definitely being able to look at the end of it knowing you’ve left your mark on this product

Jaspal: Being placed within a team that had friendly relaxed atmosphere who made me feel like a member of the team.

Ryan: Everything, I loved it! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, even though I was an undergraduate my ideas were respected and considered.

What would your advice be to applicants?

Thomas: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice an opinion on a solution. It may only take 30 seconds and you learn so much from that discussion, it’s better than spending two hours trying to solve it yourself. The same goes for your opinion on a solution, don’t worry if you think it’s wrong because you never know it might just work.

Jaspal: Find ways to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role and ensure your personality comes across during the application process.

Ryan: Be willing to change the way you think about developing software as well as be open to teamwork as it is an important process. Most importantly, show you have a passion and interest for developing software.

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"After 25 years, I'm honoured to remain at the heart of our EPG design team"

Sky Careers

Twenty five years ago (this month), I was given a short-term project to design Sky’s first Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and, two decades on, I’m still on the same project, and love creating the screens which end up in our customers’ homes.

The changes around here over the decades have been incredible; we’ve done dozens of releases and the product has developed from a very simple listings device to one of the most sophisticated EPG’s anywhere in the world.  I’m honoured to have been at the heart of a team that has transformed how we watch television, from the original Sky Digibox, to Sky+ and onto Sky+ HD.

The challenge has always been to keep it simple, put our customers first, and be the best at connecting them to content.

Our original box allowed you simply to watch television. We then developed Sky+boxes. which allowed you to record and time-shift television, and now we’ve gotour HD boxes, Anytime, On Demand, Catch Up and Sky Store We’ve taken it from being a very small one-use product, to one that supports all of our business needs. It has transformed my viewing habits, I now watch so much On Demand, as do my children, on box sets – something that was unthinkable five years ago.

We have ten million customers using our Sky+ HD boxes, so we’re always challenging ourselves to come up with new ways to make viewing even better for them. This is one big team effort, with so many different people around the business involved in making it a great product for our customers. I design features with the product team, to customers later this year, and I always aim to work up to nine months in advance, to carry on developing our box.

We can do more than ever before, so it can be quite complicated, but our product has its own unique style, and some of our customers have been using it as long as I’ve been designing it.

I’m immensely proud to have worked here for nearly 25 years  when we were classed as a small start-up by some of our competitors.

Look at us now!

I love working for Sky, it’s the best place I could ever imagine working, the culture of the people, the business, and the opportunities are second to none.

Alastair, Design Director, Product Design & Development

posted on 15 Jan

“I’ve found that having ideas, opinions and questioning the norm has helped me and the trials processes to continually develop.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name:  Craig
  2. Job title:  Trials Coordinator
  3. What area of Sky do you work in? Trials@Sky / Product Reliability and Support / Product Design and Development
  4. How did you get to where you are now? I graduated from University in 2012 and went through a somewhat typical phase of not really knowing what I wanted to do. I worked at IBM prior to my role here which gave me some great transferable skills in a high pressured and high responsibility role. Once I’d researched potential careers and set myself some goals I secured my position here. I hadn’t really heard of Trials teams prior to joining but once I understood the potential opportunity, I saw it as a great move to work towards my goals. I’ve been here over 2 years now and I’ve managed trials on a variety of platforms, mainly apps for iOS and Android but also for consoles and hardware devices and NOW TV.
  5. What does your role involve?  On a day to day basis I’m responsible for managing the trial to agreed timescales and deadlines. A typical app trial would include both staff and customer phases and within these I’m responsible for the selection and recruitment of the ‘trialists’, distributing the apps to ‘trialists’ devices, issuing activities for them to complete and for gathering, recording and presenting trial data/feedback. I also review reported issues and work with project teams to find resolutions. The key is knowing how to gain valuable insight into products and services using measurable methods. Once delivered I can provide a recommendation on whether something is ready to release to our customers.
  6. Describe your work/life balance at Sky? The work/life balance is excellent. My manager is considerate of things that are happening in my life and offers flexibility wherever possible.
  7. What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? I really enjoy how this role helps to better Sky and NOW TV’s products and services and provide better value to our customers. Trials give ordinary people the opportunity to have their voices heard and I enjoy providing this feedback to the product teams to influence product roadmaps. My role gives me the opportunity to work with lots of different people around this business and work with a wide variety of teams.
  8. What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing?  We often have many plates spinning at any one time so good organisational skills are essential. You need to have the ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders and tailor your approach to each one. Being able to work with data is also important as you’re often presented with large amounts of feedback from a high numbers of trialists. One of the great things about working here is that you’re provided with the opportunity to ‘believe in better’ and I’ve found that having ideas, opinions and questioning the norm has helped me and the trials processes to continually develop.
  9. What’s you greatest achievement at Sky? As an individual achievement, I was delighted to be presented with a ‘Believe in Better’ award for the work that I put into trials with Twitter and Facebook last year. As a team achievement, the development of our trials portal and the success it’s had has been huge. It’s taken a lot of hard work from many members of the team but has transformed the way we conduct trials.
  10. What’s your favourite Sky channel and why? I’m a massive sports fan so Sky Sports News and Sky Sports 1 has to be up there. I love watching Jeff and the boys on Soccer Saturday. Since I started here I’ve been watching a lot more content on our premium Sky channels. I enjoy watching programmes such as Game of Thrones and Fortitude however my current favourite is Trollied – a fantastic, easy to watch show and very well cast!
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“As cliché as it sounds- be yourself on your application. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had any finance experience, or any financial knowledge, there are people from so many different backgrounds here.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Magdalena
  2. University studied at, course and graduation: University of Bristol, Law, Graduate in 2016
  3. Describe your role in one word? Eye-opening. Challenging. Fast-paced. Rewarding. Fun. Diverse- Had more to say than just one word.
  4. Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply? The Bright Network website. I knew about Sky so thought it would be an interesting company to work for. I definitely didn’t realise just how big the Finance team here was when I applied! Sky also sponsor Bright Futures, a student-led society that I was the Events Manager for, so I knew that they were interested in recruiting students from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of university courses. I’d always been interested in becoming a chartered accountant, so thought a summer placement in finance would be a step in the right direction. The Finance Graduates here also work towards the CIMA qualification and I knew that this is what I wanted to do in the future.
  5. What did you work on whilst on the Finance Summer Placement? I was based in Home Service and Supply (HSS) and my role focused on the finances regarding engineers. The HSS team are responsible for all costs associated with engineer visits, the differing lengths and times of visits; engineer uniforms; equipment; top box costs; training for engineers. I was worked with the other interns. We had 6 weeks to come up with a solution to a problem we’d been set. We created a project plan and then delivered our solutions and findings to a Director and Head of Finance.
  6. What did you do on a day-to-day basis? Every day we worked on our project with the other interns, so this involved scheduling conference calls and meetings so that we could talk to the other interns in the Customer Service Group who were based in Scotland. There were also lots of opportunities to shadow people across all areas of finance. I spent one morning shadowing the editor of the Finance and Business bulletins for Sky News. I also shadowed colleagues working in Finance at Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and spoke to colleagues who’d been involved in the acquisition with Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.
  7. What did you enjoy the most about working here? I don’t have one best thing- there are so many things I loved! During my time I shadowed some of the call center staff. I also had the chance meet grads and ask questions about their experience on the graduate scheme. I spent an afternoon at The Gherkin, where I had a chance to watch the Ian King Show being filmed live. We also had the chance to go on a tour of the Sky Studios.
  8. What surprised you most about working at Sky? How much the finance team is involved in all decision-making. Finance is at the heart of any thriving business, and here the team is central. What also surprised me is what a wide range of work the Finance team does. I hadn’t realised how much work they do, and that there is a designated finance team for each department here. Also everyone who works at Sky is so friendly and helpful. They would reply to any queries you have and you don’t feel scared asking for help or advice. 
  9. What would your advice be to applicants? As cliché as it sounds- be yourself on your application. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had any finance experience, or any financial knowledge, there are people from so many different backgrounds here and you have training in your first week of the placement too. The placement was so much fun, and the 6 weeks flew by, we were all sad to leave! Sky is all about their people; so just let your personality and interests shine through! 
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“The opportunity to gain an insight into one of the most exciting and diverse companies was something I couldn’t miss.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Vincent
  2. University studied at, course and graduation: University of York – BSc Economics & Finance/ MSc Financial Management & Accounting– graduation year 2016
  3. Describe your role in one word? Stimulating
  4. Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply? When researching online and thinking about the places I’d love to work, I came across the Sky Starting Out website and from there I didn’t look back. The Finance Placement scheme looked like the perfect opportunity to gain some real experience in a firm that really values their Finance division. Having grown up with Sky my entire life, the opportunity to gain an insight into one of the most exciting and diverse companies was something I couldn’t miss.
  5. What did you work on whilst on the Finance Summer Placement at Sky? The Summer Placement was structured so that half our time was spent working within a specific team in the business, and half the time working on a real-life business project with fellow interns from both London and Scotland. I was based within the Digital Sales & Service Finance team looking at how we’re using digital methods of communication, such as the website, in taking our customer service offering forward. I completed quarterly budgeting, created reports on trends on how we interact with our customers and learnt more about how the team helps take forward new products and services, to ensure Sky’s service is consistently meeting the needs of our customers. The other half of my time was spent working on a real life project looking at Sky digital boxes, which involved working with my colleagues in London but also video conferencing with my colleagues in Scotland. We then presented our solution to the Directors of Finance. The project was a real life business scenario and required us to work as a team and develop various skills within a limited time, in order to come up with an effective solution based on researching and evidencing various areas within Sky’s business.
  6. What did you do on a day-to-day basis? Within Digital Sales & Services, I took ownership of producing important reports summarising the performance of digital communications which were presented to managers in Finance. I attended video-conferences and other daily meetings with my wider Finance teams. I also had meetings with my Manager to track progress of projects. I was also assigned a buddy who was on the Graduate Programme and met with him regularly to gain an insight into his experiences here. He was also on hand to answer any questions I had, no matter how big or small. For our project, we had a huge responsibility presenting to one of the Directors which was followed by a business lunch and feedback session. During the project we worked with various teams within the business. In addition, there was always time to go and shadow other areas of the business. I was lucky to spend time at Sky Sports News and Sky News where I was also taken on tours of both studios, alongside being selected to attend a Sky Live event with Jamie Redknapp, Grahame Souness and Ed Chamberlain. I was privileged to be in the office when Chris Froome & the winning Team Sky were around and got to see them in one of their first live interviews!
  7. What did you enjoy the most about working here? The best thing about working here is the environment – the fast-paced nature of the business, the amazing offices, and the work I carried out made my time here a summer I’ll never forget.
  8. What was most challenging about your role? My biggest challenge was probably the initial stages of working on a big group project as I’d never had such a responsibility within a team environment. Also organising, planning and communicating with the rest of the interns in the beginning, especially in different locations was probably the toughest thing to deal with but after a little while, we overcame our hurdles and gained skills that probably no other company could give us.
  9. What surprised you most about working at Sky? What surprised me the most about working here was the people – no matter whether I spoke to a new graduate or a Senior Director, everyone always has time for you, to answer your questions, share their experiences and everyone seems to be driven and excited about the brand – something I found refreshing and unique.
  10. What would your advice be to applicants? Working for Sky requires passion in your work and for the products. I would say don’t be afraid to convey your passion for the product and firm, alongside your other key skills you poses. From my experience, there is no “Sky” type but everyone is driven by passion for what Sky offers.   
posted on 11 Jan

“I was attracted to the program because I thought the experience would be challenging, rewarding and most of all fun!”

Sky Careers




University studied at/Course/Graduation Year

Claire: Lancaster University, Advertising and Marketing, 2016

Jonathan: Nottingham Business School, BA Business, 2018

Describe your role in one word?

Claire: Diverse

Jonathan: Stimulating

Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply?

Claire: I went directly to the ‘Work for Sky’ careers section on the Sky website. This is where I came across the Marketing Summer Placement opportunity. As a Marketing student with a strong interest within the entertainment industry I was excited and enthused by this prospect.

Jonathan: I was actively looking for a placement whilst at University and I found the scheme on GoThinkBig's website and Sky's corporate website. I was attracted to the program because I thought the experience would be challenging, rewarding and most of all fun!

What did you during your summer placement?

Claire: I worked within the Marketing department of Sky Store, where I was given plenty of opportunities to make a real contribution to Sky. I was responsible for producing the creative briefs of the weekly newsletter emails; reviewing the email data; mobile optimising emails; incorporating apps into communications; testing new email designs; and incorporating trailers into the newsletter emails.

Jonathan: I was a valued member of the Marketing Propositions team within TV Products, a team responsible for establishing and growing subscription based products (Sky+, Sky Go-Extra, HD, Multiscreen, and Boxsets). My role was to work closely with the team helping meet both short and long-term goals such as scheduling deadlines, future propositions and managing my own research project.

What were you actually doing on a day-to-day basis?

Claire: On a day-to-day basis I would regularly attend meetings, such as content priorities. During which, every week I would discuss content ideas for the newsletter emails and monthly engagement emails with the Sky Store and Creative teams. Once content was decided, I would produce the creative brief and wait for the template to come through. In addition, I would frequently have calls with other agencies and teams to discuss the various other projects I was involved within. Apart from working on these projects, I would regularly attend insightful workshops and exciting events going on around the Osterley campus such as, attending the Q&A on Sky’s Tour de France winners!

Jonathan: The main project I worked on was my own research project looking at future trends and developments considering business impacts and providing recommendations for Sky TV products.

What was the best and most challenging thing about your time with us?

Claire: The best thing about my time here was being able to explore other areas of the company as well as been given the opportunity to meet with inspiring individuals who were able to give me further insight into the various sectors of the entertainment industry. 

At times, it was a challenge to organise work priorities but as someone who thrives under pressure and enjoys being busy I was able to learn how to overcome this.

Jonathan: Whenever I needed help or support it was always available to me and everyone was friendly, encouraging and inspiring.

What surprised you most about working at Sky?

Claire: I was (pleasantly) surprised at the amount of trust and responsibility that I was given. It meant I was able achieve real accomplishments and leave my mark! 

Jonathan: The amount of opportunities available to me, from personal development courses both internally and externally to campus tours and socialising opportunities.

Anything you would suggest to someone looking to apply for the role this summer?

Claire: To research not only Sky but also Sky’s competitors, it helps if you can show that you know a broad range of information about the industry. It’s also important to show your personality and don’t be afraid to showcase your enthusiasm!

Jonathan: Make sure your personality and enthusiasm comes across in all aspects of your application process!

posted on 11 Jan

“What surprised me the most was the degree of responsibility I was given”

Sky Careers




University studied at/Course/Graduation Year

Nick: Durham University, Psychology, 2016

Anna: Northumbria University, Communication and PR, 2016

Describe your role in one word?

Nick: Commercial

Anna: Exciting!

Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply?

Nick: I found out about the summer placement through searching on Google. After reading the job description, I became immediately drawn to Sky from the range of projects that I could get involved in, from the initial idea stages through to execution and implementation.

Anna: I found out about the placement when I was searching online for internships. I decided to apply for this opportunity because I wanted to gain experience in a large media company such as Sky.

What did you do during your summer placement?

Nick: I worked in the commercial marketing team within TV Products, specifically working on Sky Go Extra and Multiscreen. One of my projects included suggesting a specific offer idea and estimating the likely impact that offer would have on Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra sales. I worked closely with the retail, online, direct and trading teams who provided me with past sales data for similar offers as well as critical feedback on my offer idea.

I was also involved in a marketing project looking at Sky's website design and how it may be affecting sales for Sky Go Extra and Multiscreen. I worked closely with the online team who helped me collate data on customers' online journey for these two products.

Anna: I was in the TV products department on the Sky Q Marketing team. Working on Sky Q was really fascinating. I also worked with other departments such as Customer Service Group and the Staff Offers team.

I also helped the Staff Offers team plan the My Sky Rewards page for the Sky Q staff offer. I also supported on a few projects for internal comms by helping some of the design teams in other offices to write the communications for the e-learning portal for Sky Q training staff.

What were you actually doing on a day-to-day basis?

Nick: I would analyse the Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra sales performance by each route to market (online, direct and retail) for the previous day. I would look at the sales in each of these routes to market and compare them against the proposed sales targets. From this analysis, I would report back to my manager on a daily basis whether the offers and agent incentives in the pipeline were performing well or not.

Anna: I had the online awards presentation as an underlying task throughout, so if I had some spare time I would get on with that. Often I would support Emma, a propositions manager in our team, with tasks such as proof reading documents, giving feedback and going through projects with the design team and helping them with the communications aspect. I would attend the Sky Q working group every fortnight where I was able to observe the progress being made by all the teams participating in this project.

What was the best and most challenging thing about your time with us?

Nick: The best thing about my time here has been the ability to make a difference to the projects I was involved in. For example, when I was working on the online customer journey, I made a suggestion about changing a particular design on the Equipment webpage of that was promoting Multiscreen. The online team took on board my suggestion and my manager even emailed me after my internship finished to inform me that my suggestion had been put live on the website.

The most challenging aspect of working at Sky was learning all the business acronyms and commercial terminology. At the start when I went to meetings, it was hard to fully understand what managers were discussing as they often used these business acronyms intuitively. However, after spending time with my managers and other people within Sky, I found the commercial meetings much easier to understand.

Anna: The best thing about working for Sky was working on Sky Q as it is really an innovative new product. I also really enjoyed working on a number of projects with different teams as I feel I gained a more rounded experience within marketing.

The most challenging aspect for me was during the first week, I found it quite overwhelming trying to absorb all the information. Everyone was incredibly helpful so I never felt like I couldn’t ask anyone a question if I was stuck. 

What surprised you most about working at Sky?

Nick: The most surprising thing about working here was how willing everyone is to help you when you ask. The people here seemed to have a good understanding of the challenges of starting out as an intern. When I faced challenges in my projects, they did not hesitate to offer me suggestions and assistance. I really felt the people within Sky cared about my development and were therefore willing to put in the extra time to ensure I got the most out of my internship. 

Anna: What surprised me the most was the degree of responsibility that I was given. I was able to take ownership of projects and I enjoyed having this amount of responsibility.

What would you suggest to someone looking to apply for the role this summer?

Nick: Be enthusiastic for the role and really show your willingness to learn. They know that you're just starting out and it can be challenging, however, if you can demonstrate that you have the perseverance and the willingness to learn, you should have a high chance of getting accepted! 

Anna: Make sure you research the company properly and take time over your initial online application.  It pays dividends at every stage of the application process to be knowledgeable of the company.