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“Busy, crazy, hectic, manic but most of all enjoyable and rewarding”

Sky Careers

Name: Kirsty

Job title: Senior Employee Relations Specialist

What area of Sky do you work in? Employee Relations in the People Team

How did you get to where you are now? I’ve worked here for 12 years and joined on a 3-week admin contract and they haven’t been able to get rid of me ever since! I was made permanent when I joined our People Plus team. I then worked as an HR Administrator, a trainee HR Consultant, then HR Consultant. I went back to University to get my Masters in Human Resource Management and moved on to an ER Specialist role before being promoted into a Senior ER Specialist position last year.

Describe a typical day… Busy, crazy, hectic, manic but most of all enjoyable and rewarding. I wouldn’t say we have a typical day as no two days are the same.

What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis? I specialise in employee relations and support a team of ER Specialists who in turn support the business with high level, complex and risk ER case work including: conduct, capability, absence issues and grievances. My team and I also have involvement in supporting business change projects and design and deliver manager training/upskilling sessions.

Describe your work/life balance? Working in ER is demanding and can sometimes involve long hours. It’s not expected, I do it because I love my job and strive to deliver to the best of my ability. I still have good work/life balance though and I have flexibility within my role. My motto is, work hard play harder!!

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? What I enjoy most is the challenge. ER is interesting and varied. You rarely come across the same thing twice. My job challenges me in different ways every day. Whilst I am able to use my skills and expertise, it pushes me out of my comfort zone at times which means I’m always learning.

What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? For anyone interested in working in ER I’d encourage them to come and spend some time with our team to get an overview of the work we do. It’s not for everyone and it’s very demanding but if you enjoy a challenge and are committed to doing the right thing then this job may be the job for you.

An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? My great uncle was the late great Lex McLean, described as “almost certainly the last of Scotland’s great music hall comedians”. He played to packed houses all over the country from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. At the peak of his popularity in the 1960s, he appeared in the BBC Scotland comedy series “Lex and Lex Again”.


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"Get prepared and then go for the opportunity!"

Sky Careers

If you want to work in sports journalism - apply!

I got this work experience through applying on the website, and what I’d say to anyone who wants to get experience here, is just to apply! Before I applied for my first work experience, I thought it must be something for people more experienced than me, and it was really out of my reach, but I got brave and went for it. I do stuff outside of uni which helped me - I work in community radio and I’d done work experience at other similar companies. But if you do stuff at uni, that shows you’re keen. When you get here they’ll know you want it, and they can see you know what you’re talking about. Get prepared and then go for the opportunity!

Expect a busy schedule

It’s really good, but there’s quite a bit to get through in the day - I’m on the planning team for three days, which is helping the team prepare for what’s happening the following day. I’ve been on rugby union, football, and boxing. Basically, I do research on the current form of teams at the moment, how they’re doing in the leagues, and coming up with questions for the reporters who are going to interview them the following day.

It’s surprisingly friendly

I thought it’d be a bit scary, and nobody would want to talk to me, but I’ve most enjoyed how friendly everyone is! They’re really welcoming, and you get random people coming up and introducing themselves. They’re also really open to questions, and not like ‘I’m busy don’t talk to me!’ which is a relief…

You’ll have to try and pretend you’re not star struck

The best thing is meeting all the people I admire on the TV. Jim White is one of my favourite presenters and seeing him every day is so weird. It’s weird because you see them all the time but they have no idea who you are so I have to be like “BE NORMAL”.

You won’t just be working on football

Personally I’m most into football, but you can’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I want to learn more across the board. Over the last year or two, I’ve got into more sports so if an opportunity arises, I’d be able to take it and then eventually move into football. I’m not there yet - maybe if karate came up, I’d have no idea what to say still! But when you start the work experience, they ask you what area you’re most interested in - so you can be specific.

If you wanted to be an editor, you can work with them, or if you want to do the digital and production side, there are opportunities. I’ve got friends who’ve done work experience here before and got stuff published on the site. Next week, I’ll be going to the live production team, and I’ll go and shoot with a reporter. I’m probably the most excited about that because I’ll get to see exactly how they do it, and I’ve been into TV and radio since I was really young so it’s really exciting!

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“The most enjoyable part of my role? The fact that everyone here is positive, I love being part of the company who really do Believe in Better.”

Sky Careers

Name: Jodie Faulkner

Job Title: Learning Consultant 

Describe your role in one word: Exhilarating

What area of Sky do you work in: KnowHow which is the Learning and Development department for the Customer Service Group which includes Home Service, Contact Centres and Retail.

Tell us about your journey into Home Service: I have always worked in customer service focussed roles – to begin with, in restaurants and bars where I worked up to a management position. I then moved to training and coaching in the Hospitality sector. I applied for the role at Sky because Home Service is very much about customer service but without the food and drink I was used to! Since I’ve been part of the team, I’ve found that my previous skills have come in handy, dealing with customers is still an integral part of my job.

Describe a typical day: Wow! Varied is the best way to describe it, I don’t think I have a typical day! I can be chatting to people on conference calls, designing training plans, tweaking training course content or reviewing data and analysis. Working out of a training centre is great for keeping me up to date with everything happening in Home Service and getting a good feel for how well the training initiatives we are putting together are working. Feedback is really important!

Describe your work/life balance: I am a mum to two little girls so balance is really important to me. At the end of the working day, my laptop goes away and that’s me done until the following day. I don’t take work home.

What is the most enjoyable about your role and what surprised you most: The most enjoyable part of my role? The fact that everyone here is positive, I love being part of the company who really do Believe in Better. 

What surprised me the most? Having to complete a ladder assessment in my interview was a first – however it went smoothly and I got a real sense of achievement standing at the top of the ladder in the training centre. Visiting the main training centres is pretty cool, we have three warehouses with single story houses built -in where we do all our ladder work training. These are a key part of our induction training. 

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done at Sky: I love that Sky has invested in me from day one and  have supported me in my own personal development as learning new things is pretty cool. Apart from that, going on the studio tour at our Osterley Campus has got to be a highlight!

Your top application tip for people applying now? I made sure that I knew my stuff about Sky by researching the company thoroughly, ready for my interview. I’d also thought about how I could use the skills I had for the role and what things I may have needed to learn.

An interesting fact no one else knows about you: I once appeared on Sky’s Sportswoman show!

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“I am passionate about helping shape a culture within the teams that I work”

Sky Careers

Name: Camillia McLachlan          

Job Title: South Change Ambassador Lead

Describe your role in one word: Exciting

What area of Sky do you work in: Home Service Change Ambassador Team

Describe your typical day: My role is extremely varied and there is no typical day for me. I can often be in meetings representing the voice of the field (our customer) to other business areas and departments to support key decisions and projects that may impact the field. I also spend time on-site supporting and developing my team on their coaching field visits. And work closely with my fellow Ambassador Leads to prioritise the team’s operational activities and strategic change initiatives, as well as their personal development needs. On top of this, I’m responsible for project delivery and promoting my own Championship areas.

Describe your work/life balance: I manage a team of 5 Ambassadors based in the South and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. This means that I manage my team remotely and travel frequently as part of the role. To maintain a work/ life balance I’ll organise my time and travel in advance. We’re a field based national team located throughout the country, which means that travel is a requirement of the role. I love this element of being an Ambassador Lead and have met so many new people from across our business and developed numerous new skills as a result.

What is most enjoyable about your role: I am passionate about helping shape a culture within the teams that I work. The most rewarding and enjoyable part of my current role is having that opportunity and being part of a team that supports, promotes and encourages the development of others while displaying the right behaviours. I am consistently inspired by the engagement, mind-set and values of our team.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in your role: I supported the trials, readiness and launch of Sky Q. I have also sat on the Iron Throne!

What is your top application tip for people applying for a role in Home Service: Extend your network and build relationships by trying something new and proactively seeking advice and opportunities. I applied for a management role to develop my leadership skills, without having experience of directly managing a team. I identified a challenging career opportunity that would provide stretch in role and build new and existing skills in a culture I admired.   

An interesting fact no one else knows about you: My Mum and I are both named after our French-Canadian uncle, Camille.

Tell us about your journey into Home Service: Prior to joining Sky, I studied Business & Management with Archaeology at the University of Glasgow. Following graduation, I spent a year working and obtained my TEFL qualification and travelled Southeast Asia teaching English as a foreign language to children. During this time I also applied for the Home Service & Supply Graduate Scheme at Sky.


Once accepted, I spent 2 years on the scheme, where I travelled the UK in different departments learning as much as I could and forming strong relationships across the business. My first placement was at UTL in Coventry, where I delivered the Electronics Return Project (ERL) with our logistics, distribution and repair partner. The next 6 months were with the Materials Planning Teams in Livingston and Brentwood, where I was Lead Planner for the cable, T&E and set-top box portfolios for the UK. We also launched the Wi-Fi STB during this placement, transitioned AVC and trained the newly formed Materials Team. Following this, I moved to Osterley to join Ops Enablement, where I negotiated prices and sourced the component parts for Sky products. My final six months were with the Ambassador Team, where I supported their operational activities and strategic planning.


The past 2 years, I’ve been a Project Manager in Home Service and CQB. I’ve been involved in delivering a variety of change projects for Home Service. All of these experiences helped me achieve my current position as Ambassador Lead.

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A course with ‘brilliant training and the benefit of real world experience.’

Sky Careers

This week, we met with our Creative Director, (Design), Ceri Sampson and National Film and Television School Graphics and Titles Diploma course leader and experienced graphic designer, Hugo Hansell to find out more about the new course, which is delivered in partnership between us and the NFTS. It includes a four-week placement working with the our design team.

Tell us about the Graphics & Titles Diploma and what makes it stand out from other graphic design courses?

Hugo: This course is completely unique; I don’t know of any other course that dovetails into the film and television industries like this one does. The course will be based around numerous aspects of film and TV graphics including both 2d and 3d and students will get to collaborate with those on other courses across a wide range of TV and filmmaking disciplines from Producing and Directing TV Entertainment to Fiction, Natural History, Science and Sports Production.

Who should apply and why?

Ceri: Anyone with an interest in working in graphic design in the television industry should apply for this course. The broadcast industry is so fast paced and our design team is constantly looking for new recruits who can hit the ground running. That is why completing a work placement where you get relevant training and real world experience in an environment like Sky - Europe’s largest design house - makes any candidate extremely attractive to a future employer.

Hugo: We’re looking for both practical and creative applicants. Maybe you’re inspired by the latest cutting edge technologies in graphic design from Vizrt to VFX or you might be highly creative and love pushing the envelope with your design ideas. Ultimately, you really need to have a passion for film and television and be committed to wanting to work in one of these exciting industries.

What will students experience on their placement at Sky?

Ceri: The design team at Sky is extremely large and many different disciplines work together including title design, channel branding.and content graphics. NFTS students will be able to choose a particular area to focus on and immerse themselves in the broadcast environment. They could be working on titles for the latest sports programming, campaigns for programmes such as Game of Thrones or a rebrand and idents for the likes of Sky Cinema. There are creative opportunities for those who want to come up with ideas and storyboard them; or students could choose to focus on VFX or on honing Vizrt skills and working on real-time 3D graphics, video playout or sports analysis. 

Hugo: The opportunity to experience working somewhere like Sky is extremely rare and will be a fantastic addition to your CV.

How can I make my application stand out?

Hugo: You’ll need to have a strong portfolio and be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in working in the television or film industry. Enthusiasm and visual talent are the most important things to showcase!

How do I apply?

Applications are open now until November 17th 2016 for the full-time, 12 month Diploma and the course starts in January 2017.

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“This course kick-started my career in TV

Sky Careers

Sam recently graduated from the Diploma in Cameras, Sound and Vision Mixing for Television Production. The diploma includes a six-week work placement here at Sky and is run by the National Film and Television School. Sam chose to specialise in sound and is now working here as a freelance Sound Assistant.

Sam regularly works on sports programming from the Premier League to Tennis and Golf. He has also worked on pre-recorded children’s shows like the Teletubbies, Topsy and Tim and CBBC’s Prank Patrol.

Sam joined the course straight from doing his A-Levels including an A-Level in Music Technology. He originally wanted to work in a music recording studio but decided that TV production sound was a more viable option. “I love that I get to keep working with sound as sound is what I’m good at and what I like doing outside my job. I’m lucky to do something I enjoy as a job and not just as a hobby.”

“My work at here is based on what I did on my placement and because of what the team saw me do in the six weeks I was here. The good thing about the placement is that you go straight into working on programmes with supervision. It really sets you up for work after you graduate.”

A sports fan, Sam loves working in the live sports environment: “It’s great working on different sports at Sky and TV is a really cool industry to work in. Everyone watches TV so you get to work on stuff that lots of people are going to see.”

“This course really kick-started my career in TV. It’s a tangible, measurable qualification in a specific area not offered by many places. It has real value. There are not many places in the world where you get a chance to meet the kind of people and make the contacts you do on this course, which gives you a fantastic groundwork for your career in TV. You don’t only get great tutors on the course but you also get guest lecturers and training that is very relevant to your area and industry. It’s probably the only place in the UK where you get this quality of start in TV. I would recommend anyone.”

Interested? Applications are open now until November 17th 2016 and the course starts in January 2017 – visit the NFTS website to apply! Students will apply for, and be accepted onto the course in one of three craft specialisations: Cameras & Lighting, Vision Mixing or Sound in a Broadcast Studio Environment.

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“The opportunities you get with this course are unreal!”

Sky Careers

The digital world is perpetually evolving as new technologies and formats from VR to 360 video are embraced by brands and consumers. We work in partnership with the National Film and Television School to deliver a Diploma course: Creative Producing for Digital Platforms.

Will recently graduated from the diploma and is now working here as an intern. We caught up with him to find out more about the exciting VR app project he’s been working on.

“During my internship at Sky VR, I’ve discovered the whole pipeline of a VR production and how different it is compared to a classic shoot. It puts everything into perspective and makes you think differently. I had the chance to edit a short documentary about the boxer Anthony Joshua and this piece now lives on the Sky VR app, which is just amazing. Having the chance to continue working with this team and be part of such a new and exciting technology is a real privilege! And on top of this, we are now working together with Sky VR and the NFTS on a VR drama piece I’ll be directing. Creating new experiences and telling moving stories with this innovative medium feels like a dream job to me.” "The opportunities you get with this course are unreal! We’ve been working on live briefs set by leaders of the digital industry and had the chance to meet the current commissioners and practitioners of this innovative and ever-changing discipline. We’ve learnt the absolute core lessons of how to build compelling digital experiences and are now applying it to our productions."

Inspiring stuff hey! If that’s got you interested then applications are open now for the Creative Producing for Digital Platforms Diploma until November 17th 2016 and the course starts in January 2017.


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“Every day is different. We work with a huge range of people and are always on the go.”

Sky Careers

Name: Katie McCraith


Job title: Digital Manager


What area of Sky do you work in? Marketing


How did you get to where you are now? I studied English Literature and French at University so haven’t had the most direct route into marketing! After graduating I completed various internships and spent two weeks on work experience here. A few weeks after my work experience I emailed the head of the team I’d been with and asked if there were any vacancies as I’d loved my time with them. I came back as a contractor for 3 months and was then made permanent!


What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis? Our team works across the different marketing teams (e.g. Sky Movies, Sky Sports etc.) and helps them to develop the digital elements of their marketing campaigns. We also work very closely with our media agency MediaCom, various creative agencies, and other stakeholders.


If you’ve been here over one year, how have you made a difference in your role? When I first joined, our team was relatively new. It’s been amazing to be part of the ongoing project of developing it. We’re now over double in size!


What’s been your proudest moment since working here? Being promoted to a manager! There’s so much opportunity and support for you to develop here.


What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? I love the fact that every day is different. We’re constantly working on new campaigns to promote different activity that’s going on across the business. It means we work with a huge range of people and are always on the go.


Describe your work/life balance at Sky? As cringe-y as it sounds my experience of the work/life balance here is very much ‘work hard, play hard.’ There are always new things to learn, new people to meet and the work itself is fast paced and challenging. Who wants a job where you’ve got time to twiddle your thumbs!


What advice would you give to others trying to develop their career? The most important lesson I’ve learned is just go for it!

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“The most enjoyable thing about working in this team is the comradery”

Sky Careers

Team name: Airtime Management (ATM)

What does your team do within the department? We’re a department within Sky Media that operates between the Sales teams and Commercial Operations, with 2 areas of responsibility. The first is across both our UK and Ireland Sales teams; the main functions being to make sure that we maximise the revenue potential of airtime across all of the channels that we represent, monitoring booked efficiencies and running various optimisation processes. We provide a fair and even distribution of airtime across all Sales teams that best meet their deal requirements and what we have available. We then report back to them on their campaign booked positions and quality caveats. We pay particular attention to our high profile programmes that generate the most value so that all adverts booked are of an equally high calibre. We make sure that all of our available airtime is filled in a manner that meets regulatory requirements before being passed onto Commercial Operations.

The other area is across our 3rd party channels and kids inventory. Managing pan-European/International bookings that we receive from our 3rd party channels liaising with the various channel representatives to ensure bookings are correct. We also manage the booking process of kids’ channels, ensuring that the most relevant advertisers are prioritised and we work with the sales teams on how to best utilise these channels through their agency and client contacts.

What’s been your team’s biggest achievement or proudest moment? As a department, one of our biggest achievement was the way in which we booked and administered the Channel 5 portfolio in just 21 working days from being told that we were representing them. The entire team pulled together to make sure that all deadlines were met and working practices were put in place to ensure that future months were effectively dealt with.

Meet our team!

Name: Dion Tsirkas

Job Title: Airtime Management Controller

What’s your role within the team? Manage and motivate the 4 groups within ATM, paying particular attention to the manipulation and optimisation of airtime to maximise its revenue potential. Provide deal channel splits on an ongoing basis to help facilitate the optimisation process. Maintain relationships with Media Partners and other commercial elements of our businesses (Sky Bet & Marketing Dept) to agree and maintain commercial airtime deals. Develop functionality in Landmark to increase airtime optimisation and efficiency. Maintain the reconciliation systems and reporting. Develop and implement working practices to maximise revenue in new trading streams. Provide sales with Channel Split and quality data to support deal negotiations.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? The variety in responsibility that the role has to offer. Working with a wide range of people across all aspects of the business on a day to day basis. Sky Media is always evolving which means that you are constantly learning new aspects of what this company is branching out to. There are also social opportunities which are a good distraction from all the hard work that is put in. I enjoy tackling new challenges that the business throws at us on a regular basis and looking at ways to implement new working practices in an efficient manner.

Name: David Stelfox

Job Title: Airtime Management Manager

What’s your role within the team? One of the main aspects of my role is to manage my team, motivate and develop them. I also take responsibility for the efficient delivery of airtime across all channels in a given month. My team look after each of the different aspects of airtime (Sky Entertainment, Sport etc) and we make sure the inventory is sold at the highest price and to the most suitable demo graphs. I am responsible for the development and testing of new Landmark functionality in order to increase efficiency and maximise revenue. I deal with external clients with long-standing airtime deals and ensure they are fulfilled and reconciled, as well as maintaining relationships to facilitate reinvestment.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? This is a great place to work as it is exciting to be a part of such an innovative, creative company at the top of its game. There is always a buzz around in anticipation of ‘the next big thing’ that we will be forefronting. Working in ATM has always been a pleasure as I feel we have the best of both the commercial and operational worlds. We are primarily operational in our function and get to make sure everything's running smoothly and to its full potential. We are also able to deal with clients and our internal sales team, giving us the relationship management element of media sales.

Name: Robert Jenks

Job Title: Airtime Management Executive

What’s your role within the team? The main responsibility of the Airtime Management Executive is to assist and support the Manager in optimising airtime across the Sky Media channels, right from the initial period of laying down the month, up until the point of passing the channels over to Com Ops for pre-transmission checks. Each exec looks after a key area of our commercial breaks, which ranges from Sky Sports to Channel 5, to the Sky Entertainment channels. The Exec utilizes the help of an assistant and together they ensure that commercials are slotted in the best programming that fits their target audience while adhering to the needs and demands of the sales floor and their agencies. In doing so they would hope to achieve the greatest revenue from our commercial airtime by the highest cost per spot being achieved.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? The most enjoyable thing for me is that my team get to work a day a week from our Victoria site, which is a great central location and easy to get to. Also, we generally promote a very collaborative and vibrant environment, and I have the pleasure of working with some great people, who are like-minded and enjoy making the most of our sociable culture.

Name: Gemma Nicholson

Job Title: Airtime Management Assistant

What’s your role within the team? My role within the department is to both provide support for the execs and carry out the specified assistant task according to the rota. As an assistant, we look after the Sky News channels making sure spots in certain breaks are given positions within the break to allow for a 60-second break in the event of breaking news. We also look after booking in the campaigns on the Anytimes that are downloaded daily; in order to do this, we coordinate with Comm Ops and Futures to ensure the correct campaigns are booked in and go to air. The team of assistants look after the mailbox which lets us know when someone has deleted/moved/amended a campaign spot so that we can make sure that no one is taking a spot without permission. Finally, we look after deleting restricted spots from the breaks and making sure that there is no available airtime at the end of the day.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? The unpredictability of what is going to happen day-to- day. The comradery amongst not just the assistants but the whole department. Working with multiple departments in order to complete my day to day tasks. The opportunity to take on extra responsibility when presented with them. The social side of working here is a great way to relax after hard work.

Name: Angharad Hulse

Job Title: Airtime Management Media Partners and Kids Manager

What’s your role within the team? One of the main aspects of my role is to manage my team, ensuring they are motivated, continually developing and perform to daily deadlines and yearly objectives. I am responsible for servicing our Media Partners with the management and delivery of their contractual ‘carve out’ obligations whilst not compromising the overall saleable inventory. I also take responsibility for the “Sky Kids” business by ensuring airtime opportunities are highlighted, revenue is maximised and solutions are provided. I deal with both internal and external contacts on a daily basis so the ability to build and maintain strong relationships is key to ensure the smooth running of my team.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? The most enjoyable thing about working here is the people making the social aspect a lot of fun. The most enjoyable thing about working in Airtime Management, particularly on my team is the fact we deal with both internal and external contacts every day, making sure Sales and Commercial Operations know what’s what and taking the responsibility for our Media Partner campaigns which is almost like having small buying agencies to service. It makes the role more varied and interesting.

Name: David Pilgrim

Job Title: Airtime Management Media Partners and Kids Executive

What’s your role within the team? The main responsibility of the Airtime Management Channel Partners and Kids Executive is to assist and support the Manager in managing 3rd Party ‘carve out’ and Teleshopping airtime across our Media Partner portfolio. I prepare and supervise campaign bookings prior to the monthly auto book process and report and analyse campaign and deal delivery ensuring their contractual requirements are met. I also help to develop, employ and manage booking strategies across our “Sky Kids” channels and identify and follow up any potential trading issues. I also lead and develop our team assistants to make sure yearly objectives are met. Having an excellent ability to build and maintain solid working relationships with both our internal and external contacts is necessary so everything runs smoothly.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? The most enjoyable aspect of working here are the people you are surrounded by. Everyone makes it a relaxed and enjoyable working environment with all being friendly and easy approachable. Dealing with Airtime Management and Channel Partners has enabled me to grow and develop both individually and as a team member. We all have our key responsibilities but others are always there to help out if needs be. Personally, the regular contact we have with both internal and external contacts is what is attractive about the role as you are constantly networking and dealing with a diverse subject matter.

Name: Sadie Burnett

Job Title: Airtime Management Media Partners and Kids Assistant

What’s your role within the team? One of the main responsibilities of my role within the department is to assist the ATM Executive in managing 3rd Party ‘carve out’ and Teleshopping airtime across our Media Partner portfolio, helping to prepare campaign bookings prior to the monthly auto book process and making sure campaigns and deals are delivered to their contractual requirements. I also work with my Exec to make sure kids’ campaigns are booked and delivered accordingly. The next big responsibility I have is to work with the other assistants within ATM to ensure timely completion of the daily assistant tasks which involve monitoring the breaks on the Sky News and Ireland channels, looking after the campaign bookings of the On Demands, checking the mail, doing amendments for Sales, deleting restricted spots and filling the channels every day so the breaks can go to air, and monitoring the golden cinema breaks.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about working in this team and at Sky? The people are what make working here enjoyable and with plenty of social activities, it is easy to get to know people and make connections across departments. One of the most enjoyable things about working in Airtime Management within the Channel Partners is having the responsibility to look after and work with big Channel Partners such as Viacom and Universal. Also when you’ve been able to deliver a difficult campaign due to your problem solving is incredibly satisfying.