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"I absolutely loved my work experience"

Sky Careers

Name: Shivani

Role: Work Experience in Marketing for Now TV

The Marketing Work Experience is really creative

I didn’t really know what I was going into, I’ve got a law degree, and thought about marketing because everyone kept saying I might like it. A lot of it was sitting in on their meetings, looking at creative work they do, and they would ask me for my opinion on things. You don’t think Sky would care for my opinion - but they do! We also had a task set, and had to come up with our own marketing plan for how we’d market NowTV in a retail store, which hadn’t been done before. We had to design it all, then present it to the team. I did an interactive digital screen so you could look at what they had to offer in that time period - say Westworld to Game of Thrones, so it gave customers a choice looking at the content Sky has to offer. 

Your ideas are brought to life by a design team 

As they have a design agency they work closely with, I got in contact with them, and worked closely with them to design my idea. It was crazy! I just drew on a piece of paper, with pencil annotations, what I was thinking of, and they made it into a proper, professional design. I’m not used to that - for my degree, I’d think about an essay, and then just write it, but here was an idea that really was brought to life. That was so fun. 

The work experience opened my eyes to marketing (and got me a job) 

I absolutely loved my work experience - and when you first do something you actually like, you think that is where you are meant to be, because you haven’t tried anything else. However, now I work in marketing operations, which is quite different from the work experience - but I’d never have done it if I hadn’t have enjoyed marketing so much. While I thought I wouldn’t like marketing operations, I prefer it! I applied for two roles after my work experience - a role similar to my work experience, in marketing, and the role I’m doing now, in Marketing Operations. 

Marketing Operations is more technical - but just as enjoyable!

For my job, I look after the voucher codes that go out for NowTV - so there was a recent Pizza Hut campaign where, if you bought a large pizza, you got the choice of two different NowTV codes, and I make them. It’s so cool to know that I am a huge part of these massive campaigns! And we get to work with some great brands. Oh, and you don’t need to know any coding - you just need to put in the right information, and the codes are generated. 

It’s the perfect job for someone who is logical

Operations is more technical - while marketing is the face of NowTV, we’re the backbone of it. You don’t need to put a creative spin on things and it’s very process oriented - while I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much, I’ve found I really, really do. I like the process of going from A to B, B to C, and the atmosphere at Sky is just so lovely. 

The people you’ll work with are brilliant 

Every team I’ve worked with in Sky - for my job, and through the work experience - work really well together. That’s the Sky ethos. Everyone gets on, it’s very relaxed and there to help each other. I’ve only been in the role for five months, but I have independence, and there’s a trust that I’m getting on with my work, rather than having management breathing down my neck all the time. 

Once you get your foot in the door, you can move around the company

After coming to Sky, I’ve realised there are so many places you can go. They love encouraging people to move into roles they feel they’d be good at. In the next 18 months, I’d like to move into  a manager role, maybe more closely to content. Whether it’s Sky or NowTV, doing something more editorial, or something along those lines, could be fun. 

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"My Work Experience got me a job in public affairs"

Sky Careers

Name: Laura

Role: Corporate Affairs Work Experience

This isn’t your average work experience 

There was a great deal of responsibility, and we were asked to really help out, which made me think, that this isn’t just any old work experience making teas and coffees. From the moment you arrive, you’re treated as though you work there, you’re immersed in all things Sky. You get to meet people in other departments, and everyone was so helpful in terms of giving advice. Also, Sky isn’t like any other company - the atmosphere is brilliant, the campus is wonderful and the people are just so, so friendly. 

Corporate Affairs is sort of like PR across the whole business 

Corporate Affairs basically is promoting Sky to relevant stakeholders, and people and companies who work with or are relevant to Sky. You’re responsible for promoting the whole of Sky. So some will work one day on Sky Sports stuff, next minute it’s Sky News, Sky Q and products, or our content. You’re overseeing all the deals, and promoting the business. There are all different departments within corporate affairs - corporate communications deals with journalists, there’s external comms, which is communication with companies and people working with Sky, internal comms, which is working with the employees and making sure they know all about things that are happening in the business, and I was on the public affairs team. It was really interesting - basically we lobby politicians, MPs and political groups, we build relationships with them, and try to influence them to help the business, and the industry. 

We went to parliament to see how it all works 

There were select committee hearings in parliament, and people from Sky presenting in front of various committees, and we would support the relevant people, making sure they had everything they need. I shadowed a lot of the team, and when there were news campaigns relevant to Sky, we saw how those worked. Because I was doing a politics and international relations degree at the time, it was great to see how it tied in with my degree.

My work experience got me a job in public affairs 

I came away from the work experience really wanting to work for Sky, and applied for the grad scheme, but didn’t get it. I was so, so disappointed, but did get quite far in the application, so started just applying for entry level jobs. A lot of my friends were going travelling, but I knew I wanted to work, and I knew I only wanted to work at Sky. Everyone told me to try other options, to look at other businesses, but I didn’t! I wanted to prove everyone wrong. So when an entry level job in public affairs came up, I went for it, and the interviewer was the person who had managed me during my work experience. It was clear, though, that I didn’t have enough experience for the job and I came away really disappointed, again. But then, he called me up the next day and said that my passion for Sky and how much I wanted to work for the company outweigh my lack of experience - and now I’ve been working here a year and a half!

If you get knocked back, get up again 

My biggest piece of advice is, no matter how many times you’re knocked back, you should keep rooting for it. It sounds cliched, but lot of people said to me I should think of other options, and I ignored them and kept going. Don’t be afraid to show passion and excitement! Let your personality shine through, too - people tend to freeze up and act all corporate in interviews, but they want to see you. 

Public affairs is for you if you’re good with people, and can learn on the job 

The Corporate Affairs work experience is a good starting point for anyone who has skills in communication, who is good at talking to people, personable, and has good writing skills. You’ve got to communicate over email and write letters and press releases.  But also someone who is confident. You do learn on the job. In terms of where you’re place for work experience - when I applied, I talked about politics in my cover letter, which is why I got put in that team. They’ll place you in the department they think will suit you best, so it’s good to research what teams there are, and tailor your application to what you’d prefer to do. 

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"It was amazing to see how fast paced it was, all this live content coming in and you have to churn it onto the show as quickly as possible"

Sky Careers

Name: Jamie

Role: Work Experience in Broadcast Operations

This is ideal for anyone who wants to work in TV production 

People often think that TV is just about the cameras and the studio - but, because I do a lot of live streaming on YouTube at news events as I run my own online news channel, I wanted to see how it’s professionally done in the industry to get a better idea of where I want to work. Operations is basically how you get things on TV, how the programmes are broadcast. And I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to work in TV when they’re older as it gave me a really great overview so, when we did go to the studio, I could see how everything works. 

You’re taken through the departments, learning as you go

On the first day, I worked in service integration, which is making sure all the different channels on the satellites are being broadcast between the right dishes to the right satellites. That was the most detailed in terms of coding, which I’ve never really done before, but once I’d got the hang of that it helped me understand everything else. I went into satellite operations the next day, and saw how they get a signal from a truck to Sky studios, how you book the satellite and plan it out - then we went to the master control room which was one of my favourite bits. I watched them bringing in live feeds, checking the audio and video was there and all okay, before sending it on. That’s the first point of communication with the onsite team, so you get to see what goes on before it gets edited. I remember that day was a bad one for them, because there was a problem with the BT tower, so the TV went to colour bars. They had to solve it really quickly, and it was great to see how they reacted to the problem! 

There are so many jobs that go into making TV that you don’t realise 

On the Thursday, I learnt all about play-outs, physical transmission and inserting commercials and checking the subtitling is there, that the audio and video is in synch. That was really good because you get to see the final element of the broadcast before it goes out to the public. It interested me how they put in the adverts, how they push the signal out and how they check that everything is working properly. I was shadowing, and one of the team was on training, so I was able to sit in that. They were broadcasting tennis, so I could see how they get in a live feed from a third broadcaster, and adapt it. They have to put in the right graphics and everything. You don’t realise how many teams and how many jobs there are, not only in the industry in Sky, but in that one single department, and how they all have one massive role. They all have to work as a giant team. 

Talk to everyone - because you might get asked back!

On my last day I bumped into Dickie Davis, the legendary sports presenter, got talking to him, and he asked if I’d be interested in coming back to working on Sky Sports News. Obviously I said I’d love to, so went in one Saturday and did a lot of running, making sure all the gallery staff and studio staff got all the tea and snacks to keep them happy as well as helping the assistant producer to get in the live feeds, learning how to use the different software to try and get all this live footage in. It was amazing to see how fast paced it was, all this live content coming in and you have to churn it onto the show as quickly as possible. I also got asked back to help with platform operations, looking after the On Demand content and checking the captions, subtitling and everything. 

You’ll learn from others how you can get a job at Sky 

I can’t do work experience at Sky News yet, because I’m not 18, but I got to meet up with some apprentices in software engineering, and speak to them about what an apprenticeship at Sky is like. I’ve got another year left at college, then I’d love to do an apprenticeship there. One day, I’d love to work at Sky News! 

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"The call centres may just change your opinion on call centres"

Sky Careers

Name: Declan

Role: Customer Service Work Experience 

This is a great role if you like helping people 

Personally, I wouldn’t count anyone out of this job. Everyone and everybody could do it - provided you’re good at talking to people, understanding and like helping people. You’ve got to be friendly and have a bit of a sense of humour when talking to customers, but it’s really great when I get a caller who is into sport. Then I’ve got them in the palm of my hand and we can have a really great chat - because sport is what I’m passionate about! 

You learn about all different areas of customer service, to see what suits you 

The work experience was such an eye opener. It opened a door for me. When I came for work experience, I was thinking that I really have to treat this like proper work. Some people from school who did work experience too weren’t, but I thought that Sky was a good company to work for so I went for it. We got shown the sales floor, spoke to the customer service department, I also learned about the engineering side - where I got to help set up a dish - and the stuff that happens in the back office. You think about Sky TV and broadband, but you don’t know what’s actually behind the scenes.

The sales floor is a lot of fun 

Before you hit the sales floor, you learn everything about how to sell the products, and then you team up with someone who works for Sky for 20 minutes. You listen to how they make the calls, what they say to customers, how they go out selling Sky and, obviously, it was nothing like anything I’d experienced before. As the week went on, I found out about the apprenticeship and, halfway through the week, I was determined to get a job here. There weren’t any applications still open, but I begged so much that he put me through! I was 20 minutes on the metro before I got a call saying to come in for an interview!

The call centres may just change your opinion on call centres

At first, I didn’t want to work in call centres because of what I’d heard from my friends and family - but when I came here, this was the complete opposite to what I expected. It’s such a lovely environment to work in. You feel like everyone is your friend and, while other call centres can be a bit formal and intimidating, this is really laid-back. You take calls, try to sell as much as you can, and it doesn’t feel like I’m an apprentice - it feels like I actually work here! I sell Sky Q, Sky Plus, Sky TV and Sky Broadband. I also help people with billing and updates, too. 

You do your coursework for the apprenticeship as you go along 

Between calls I can work on coursework, and someone comes into work every month to set us a deadline. We have to do two pieces of coursework that he checks and goes through. It’s not hard, because it’s general information that you learn on the job, and as the job goes on. It’s about personal experience on the phones, and thankfully there are no exams or anything - which is really helpful if you’re not an exam person. Also, you’re not alone doing it, all of you are doing it together! 

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"The Work Experience tasks are really interesting and very creative"

Sky Careers

Name: Emily

Role: Work Experience at Sky Media 

Sky Media is all about advertising. And it’s fascinating.  

Basically, we are the advertising side of the business, so we decide what adverts go where. If you’re booking the football adverts, you’ll be booking in men’s campaigns rather than adverts for mascara targeted at women. It’s a bit stereotypical, yes, but we get fed loads of information from the IDS - Insight and Decision Science - department who tell us the gender split of who is watching what, so it’s all based on fact.

It’s open to a range of different people

There were about four of us, and we were all in different places in our lives. There was someone had just left school and wasn’t sure what they wanted to do, someone on their gap year, a girl who was about to go to uni, and I had just finished uni. I’d studied Classics, which wasn’t particularly relevant to marketing! 

The work experience tasks are really interesting and very creative 

We met with all the different teams and departments, learnt what they did, and then they gave us a task. One of them was to come up with a brand that would fit in with a programme, and could work as a sponsorship deal. You know, like product placement and that sort of thing. We got modern family and chose Ikea as the brand because, in Modern Family, they have those little dents where they’re all in frames. We thought they could be Ikea frames. Another task was for a film, and we had to come up with ways of advertising it through TV, sponsorship, and different websites. At the end of the week, you did a bigger pitch where we had to pitch back to the company, over the phone, about why they should advertise with Sky. 

It can also lead to a job!

I was looking for work at the time, and a lady from HR talked to us about Sky Media and the roles and different things you can do. I handed in my CV and got an interview two weeks later. The next day I found out I’d got the job - it was a similar thing to the work experience I’d done, but focussing on TV advertising. I started as an assistant for that in March and got promoted in November, so now I handle my own account. 

You can see the adverts you’ve placed on TV 

I’m in charge of Zenith, a media agency who will tell me if one of the brands they work with are interested in advertising, and where they’re thinking of going. Then I manage the account to make sure that everything is booked into what it should be, and I speak to the agencies every day on the phone. I show them where their products are. If you see Toyota adverts in the football ad breaks on Sky - that’s me! IDS send us emails every day with all the ratings, how many people have seen the adverts, and what the gender split is. I really love working out the best place and time for a brand to slot into, it’s really satisfying!

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"The work experience is ideal for someone who wants to get into IT"

Sky Careers

Name: Jakub

Role: Software Development Work Experience

You’ll be really involved in making stuff for Sky:

We were shadowing the apprentices for the work experience, so I thought it’d just be me sitting apart from everyone watching. But it turns out that not only was I a real part of the team, but the apprentices aren’t like apprentices at all - they’re like employees. We were tasked with developing something to help showcase a new feature they want to add on the TV. So what we were making emulates the feature, so users can test out how it would act, and then it goes to the development team to get properly developed. 

It’s great if you’ve got a bit of knowledge of coding - but you don’t have to:

Because I’m doing a BTECH level 3 in IT at college, I had a bit of an understanding of the code they were using. So during the task, they were having difficulties being able to navigate around the interactive programme without causing errors, and I could help them out. We also got to look at other departments, seeing what each person does in all the roles. From the admin, like business planning, to the hardcore developers who are working on NowTV. As you’re walking to meetings with the apprentices, they make sure to stop and say hi and introduce you to all areas of the company, which was really great. I got to learn all about how they’d got to where they were, and what exactly they did. 

It might change your mind about what you want to do:

I’ve always been interesting in security, and working for MI5 or GCHQ - I’d never thought I’d want to work at a place like Sky, but after seeing the working environment and seeing how lovely it is, I’m quite keen on it now. There are some great apprenticeships, and I like the fact that the apprentices are treated like employees and are left to their own devices. I’d also not thought of apprenticeships as an option in general, this work experience really changed my mind about a lot of things. 

Turns out, IT can be a lot more creative than you’d think:

The work experience is ideal for someone who wants to get into IT, but isn’t sure what it really entails, and how it works within a company. Beforehand, when I thought of a software developer, I just thought of someone sitting at a computer by themselves, working alone. But it’s really not about that - it’s about engaging with other people and creatively pitching. It’s a lot more creative than I thought it would be, and I presumed I’d just be following someone around rather than contributing ideas and solving problems. 

Don’t be put off if you get rejected:

There are limited software development placements, and they get a lot of applications so don’t get put off if you don’t get it first time. I applied once, and didn’t get it, so I just sent an updated application and here I am. When you apply, they’re looking to see why Sky stands out for you, and why you want to do work experience at that company rather than others. But also, like I said, it’s a popular company to apply for, so don’t get down if you don’t get it! Just keep trying! 

Technology (Livingston, Scotland)

  • Duration: Up to two years
  • Start date: 11th September 2017
  • Requirements: A minimum of 5 Standards 1-3 or National 4 or 5 (including in English and Maths)
  • Location: Livingston, Scotland

How our programme works:

As an Apprentice on this programme, you’ll be placed within one of three teams depending on the outcome of your assessment centre. The teams are as follows:

  • Conditional Access Team – This department is responsible for the testing and supporting our encryption technologies and also for controlling the Viewing Cards across Sky UK. You’ll learn about the full lifecycle involved to ensure the delivery of a seamless customer experience.


  • IDS Development Team – In this role, you’ll play a key part in implementing the best approach to meet the requirements of our customers. You’ll show your analytical skills in developing the most appropriate solution and demonstrate your attention to detail by testing and delivering these requirements. It’s a vital role but we’ll provide you with all the support and guidance you need to deliver great results. To be successful, you’ll have a strong maths background, ideally having completed Highers in Maths.


  • UK Information Systems Team – You will gain experience in a number of Software Engineering areas through rotations, which may include Testing, Automation, Technical Analysis, Operational Support and Development. The teams provide services to both our Contact Centre and Engineer communities as well as supporting various online and interactive services provided to Sky’s 11 million UK customer base.

What we look for:

  • A passion for technology and Sky’s business
  • Excellent communication and team working skills.
  • Able and motivated to learn quickly in this fast-paced environment and work well under pressure.
  • Ability to problem-solve and think logically
  • Confident, personable and adaptable
  • A minimum of 5 Standards 1-3 (including in English and Maths). For certain roles, we’re looking for people with a strong maths background so Highers in Maths is highly desirable.   

Happy to talk flexible working.


Any questions about our programmes?

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“We’re always growing as a business and with each new product launched, our department faces new challenges.”

Sky Careers

Name:  Keith Greig

Job title: Fraud & Compliance Analyst

What area do you work in?  Group Security

How did you get to where you are now?  I left school in 2001 and got my 1st job at a bank where I was offered 1 of 2 roles: Customer Services or Fraud Investigator. I chose the latter where I spent over 10 years before I was made redundant. Since I started working here, I’ve put myself through various training courses and sat a number of exams to increase my knowledge and expertise as a fraud analyst. The support from management and the company as a whole has been fantastic and it’s great to know that they really do invest in their staff.

Describe a typical day…  A typical day starts with a team meeting where we discuss which of our workflows need to be prioritised depending on the volumes of cases created in our Fraud Management Systems. Some people may not realise the sheer scale of the work the department handle but we carry out daily analysis on Application, Payment and Telephony Fraud across all our products. We liaise with various external parties, which aid us in our daily duties and we’re all accredited members of TUFF (Telecommunication UK Fraud Forum) and CIFAS.

What do you specialise in and work with on a daily basis? I mainly specialise in Application Fraud, Payment Fraud and Telephony Fraud for fixed line and eventually Sky Mobile once it’s launched. Being able to multitask across various workflows keeps me busy and I really need to stay focused in order to identify any potential risks and mitigate losses to the business.

Describe your work/life balance? I work 8.30-5 Monday to Friday and spend my time with my wife and two children. Any spare time I have is spent doing DIY or at the cinema. Having the ability to buy extra holidays, save money on childcare via My Sky Rewards is great.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? I really enjoy the fast paced and challenging environment I face on a daily basis. I work in a fun, vibrant office with a great bunch of colleagues.  The fraud landscape is constantly changing and not one day is the same. The products and services provided by us are world class and loved by millions of customers, so it’s crucial that we reduce the risk of fraud faced by the business whilst safeguarding new and existing customers.

What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? I’d honestly say that if you love a challenge and really enjoy problem-solving, then this job may be for you. The environment in our office is vibrant, fast paced and not one day is the same. We’re always growing as a business and with each new product launched, our department faces new challenges.

An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I once pitched a few ideas for original TV shows. It’s only been two years and I’m still holding out for that callback.

Technology (Osterley, West London)

  • Duration: Two Years
  • Start date: 11th September 2017
  • Requirements: Minimum of 5 GCSE grades A*-C (including in English and Maths)
  • Location: London

How our programme works:

As an Apprentice on this two year course, you’ll be placed within one of three teams depending on the outcome of your assessment centre. The teams include:


  • Operations – Through workplace rotations, you will learn about planning live programme feeds, checking incoming signals for quality, ensuring programme schedules come together and that our channels stay on air over satellite and online.

The department operates 24/7 and the role includes 12 hour shift rotations from 07:00-19:00 or 19:00—07:00 (although these hours can vary in some Operational departments). You’ll be aged 18 or over to be considered for this role, be a strong team player and logical thinker, plus have excellent attention to detail.


  • Integration & Test – This department is responsible for testing the technology that connects our TV systems to our online and satellite products such as Sky Q, Sky Store, NowTV and Sky Go. Things you’ll learn will include finding out how our TV software works and how to find bugs and work with other technology teams to create solutions to problems discovered during testing. An interest in the testing process is key and a curious mind with a passion for problem-solving.   


  • Network Operations – Through workplace rotations, you will experience the full Network Operations lifecycle giving you exposure to all functions that provide support 24/7. This includes our Front Line Service Operations, Security, Broadband, Talk, Sky Mobile and many more. A collaborative and personable approach is important particularly as you move around teams as part of the rotations.

What we look for:

  • A passion for technology and Sky’s business
  • Excellent communication and team working skills.
  • Able and motivated to learn quickly in this fast-paced environment and work well under pressure.
  • Ability to problem-solve and think logically
  • Confident, personable and adaptable
  • A minimum of 5 GCSE grades A*-C in English and Maths

Happy to talk flexible working.

Any questions about our programmes?