Anna & Nick share the best and most challenging moments during their summer placements

Early Careers posted on 11 Jan

“What surprised me the most was the degree of responsibility I was given”

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University studied at/Course/Graduation Year

Nick: Durham University, Psychology, 2016

Anna: Northumbria University, Communication and PR, 2016

Describe your role in one word?

Nick: Commercial

Anna: Exciting!

Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply?

Nick: I found out about the summer placement through searching on Google. After reading the job description, I became immediately drawn to Sky from the range of projects that I could get involved in, from the initial idea stages through to execution and implementation.

Anna: I found out about the placement when I was searching online for internships. I decided to apply for this opportunity because I wanted to gain experience in a large media company such as Sky.

What did you do during your summer placement?

Nick: I worked in the commercial marketing team within TV Products, specifically working on Sky Go Extra and Multiscreen. One of my projects included suggesting a specific offer idea and estimating the likely impact that offer would have on Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra sales. I worked closely with the retail, online, direct and trading teams who provided me with past sales data for similar offers as well as critical feedback on my offer idea.

I was also involved in a marketing project looking at Sky's website design and how it may be affecting sales for Sky Go Extra and Multiscreen. I worked closely with the online team who helped me collate data on customers' online journey for these two products.

Anna: I was in the TV products department on the Sky Q Marketing team. Working on Sky Q was really fascinating. I also worked with other departments such as Customer Service Group and the Staff Offers team.

I also helped the Staff Offers team plan the My Sky Rewards page for the Sky Q staff offer. I also supported on a few projects for internal comms by helping some of the design teams in other offices to write the communications for the e-learning portal for Sky Q training staff.

What were you actually doing on a day-to-day basis?

Nick: I would analyse the Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra sales performance by each route to market (online, direct and retail) for the previous day. I would look at the sales in each of these routes to market and compare them against the proposed sales targets. From this analysis, I would report back to my manager on a daily basis whether the offers and agent incentives in the pipeline were performing well or not.

Anna: I had the online awards presentation as an underlying task throughout, so if I had some spare time I would get on with that. Often I would support Emma, a propositions manager in our team, with tasks such as proof reading documents, giving feedback and going through projects with the design team and helping them with the communications aspect. I would attend the Sky Q working group every fortnight where I was able to observe the progress being made by all the teams participating in this project.

What was the best and most challenging thing about your time with us?

Nick: The best thing about my time here has been the ability to make a difference to the projects I was involved in. For example, when I was working on the online customer journey, I made a suggestion about changing a particular design on the Equipment webpage of that was promoting Multiscreen. The online team took on board my suggestion and my manager even emailed me after my internship finished to inform me that my suggestion had been put live on the website.

The most challenging aspect of working at Sky was learning all the business acronyms and commercial terminology. At the start when I went to meetings, it was hard to fully understand what managers were discussing as they often used these business acronyms intuitively. However, after spending time with my managers and other people within Sky, I found the commercial meetings much easier to understand.

Anna: The best thing about working for Sky was working on Sky Q as it is really an innovative new product. I also really enjoyed working on a number of projects with different teams as I feel I gained a more rounded experience within marketing.

The most challenging aspect for me was during the first week, I found it quite overwhelming trying to absorb all the information. Everyone was incredibly helpful so I never felt like I couldn’t ask anyone a question if I was stuck. 

What surprised you most about working at Sky?

Nick: The most surprising thing about working here was how willing everyone is to help you when you ask. The people here seemed to have a good understanding of the challenges of starting out as an intern. When I faced challenges in my projects, they did not hesitate to offer me suggestions and assistance. I really felt the people within Sky cared about my development and were therefore willing to put in the extra time to ensure I got the most out of my internship. 

Anna: What surprised me the most was the degree of responsibility that I was given. I was able to take ownership of projects and I enjoyed having this amount of responsibility.

What would you suggest to someone looking to apply for the role this summer?

Nick: Be enthusiastic for the role and really show your willingness to learn. They know that you're just starting out and it can be challenging, however, if you can demonstrate that you have the perseverance and the willingness to learn, you should have a high chance of getting accepted! 

Anna: Make sure you research the company properly and take time over your initial online application.  It pays dividends at every stage of the application process to be knowledgeable of the company.