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Early Careers posted on 13 Jun

"When I first started going out on the jobs with my mentor, I found it a really good experience to speak to customers' face to face"

Sky Careers

Name: Nicola Whyte

Job title: Apprentice Home Service Engineer

Starting out at Sky

I started off in the call centre doing a Customer Service Apprenticeship and gathered a lot of experience and became more confident.  It was a really good experience learning about how we work and getting trained in different areas. My role was focussed on Sky+ technical and billing. This got me talking to different kinds of people and I learned how to create the right conversation with my customers. The most challenging thing for me was trying to adapt to all the different customers I spoke to in 1 day, trying to fix their billing issues or TV issues but also keeping the right conversation flowing. The most challenging thing was coming across different types off problems and learning to keep a positive attitude whilst trying to fix this over the phone with the customer.

After a short while I then for trained on Sky Q-Tech. This was a big change for me as Sky Q is different to Sky+, but again it was a good experience, getting the chance to help customers in a different way and with different problems.

Moving into Home Service

When I finished my Apprenticeship in the call centre I then went for the role in Home Service and I’m now doing another one-year Apprenticeship. This for me is a very big challenge because I am dealing with customers face to face instead of over the phone. I already had tech training for Sky Q from my time in the call centre so this has been a big advantage for me starting.

When I first started we had 8 weeks of training with the other Apprentices in Livingston at the Alba centre, but we also traveled to England for our ladder training which I really enjoyed. This was great because I got to know the other Apprentice engineers.

When I first started going out on the jobs with my mentor I found it a really good experience to get to speak to customers face to face and also challenging at the same time because you need to keep on track with time, planning your day the night before, pick up all your stock to make sure you have everything you need for going into customers homes'.

Now I’m out on my own I actually feel as though I am learning and improving more.  I’m really enjoying the experience and am getting used to carrying the ladders during my working day, however I feel this is going to be a bit of a challenge on really windy days!