What to expect from Work Experience at Sky – Jess on HR Work Experience interviews Camilla from the Early Careers team

Early Careers posted on 12 Jun

“You don’t need work experience to apply. What we really want to see is something that demonstrates your passion for this job."

Sky Careers

We all know that work experience, although exciting, can often seem a little daunting. So what are the benefits to work experience at Sky? Why should you take the plunge and send in your application?

“We want to give young people a chance to try out a job and have a go. It’s so hard to know exactly what career you want to go into but this opportunity essentially gives you the chance to ‘try before you buy’. You may find that this is the job that you love. Equally, you may think you want to go into Marketing but discover that you are more interested in the creative elements. This could mean you start considering advertising instead. Whatever happens this is a great opportunity to help young people make more informed career choices and make sure they go into a job they love.”

Sky is a renowned brand, but what makes this different from work experience offered by other companies?

“Sky offers about 1000 work experience placements every year and I think that alone is quite unique. There are opportunities in almost every department so there really is something for everyone. We split our departments into Media, Business, Technology and Customer Service so there’s a good range.”

“We really care that you have an insightful experience and aren’t just making the tea! We have structured our programmes so as well as your work with us you will receive a full induction at the beginning of your week with us and advice and tips on careers and next steps on your last day.”

“We also appreciate that work experience can be costly and many people are travelling from far away so all our work experience candidates are entitled to £15 a day to cover food and expenses.”

What if you’re worried that you don’t have previous work experience in the area you are applying for?

“You don’t need work experience to apply. What we really want to see is something that demonstrates your passion for this job. This could be something you’ve done in a school project or volunteering. For example, if you’re applying for something creative and you’ve designed and edited a film yourself at home, then tell us about that!”

What makes an application stand out to you?

“For me, there are 3 key things:

Show an interest in the business – Why are you interested in applying for Sky in particular? What is it about Sky that attracted you? Make sure your answer isn’t generic.

Research the department and opportunity that you are applying for – refer to information that you have found and things included in the advertisement. Which particular aspects appealed to you and why?

What skills and/or passion can you offer and what do you want to get out of your time here – this will help me better understand what you want from the experience and how we can help you.”

How do you make sure you make the most of your time with Sky?

“The most important thing is to have confidence in the fact that have been selected – you are here for a reason!”

“Make sure you ask lots of questions. You’ll soon find that people love to talk about themselves and will be happy to share their career journeys with you. Apart from that try to make yourself indispensable. Say yes to all opportunities and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Also, try to make notes on how to do something so that you don’t have to ask twice.”

You mentioned next steps, what sort of advice and help can be expected at the end of the work experience?

“On their last day of work experience, everyone at Osterley is offered a drop-in session where they can receive tailored advice as well as hints and tips for applying to jobs in the future.”

“For over 18s we also offer our Steps Ahead Mentoring programme. In this programme you are matched with a Human Resources professional and entitled to six free hour-long sessions with them. In these sessions you can receive anything from interview practice to tips on writing applications and cover letters.”

“All of our work experience candidates are also invited to a Development Day within six months of finishing their time with us. This is a day dedicated to giving you employ skills training and covers everything from how to find a place where you will flourish and mapping out your next steps to giving your CV a boost. You also get to meet recruiters from other departments and ask them about applications from their perspective which I think is really insightful.”

Is there anything else that you think it’s important for people thinking of applying to know?

“I think they should know that their answers to the application questions are more important than their CV. CVs are important but we really pay attention to the answers you give us about why you want to work for Sky. Make sure you spend time on them. Also try not to apply for too many roles at Sky (ideally no more than two) as it suggests you aren’t really passionate about the specific area you are applying for.”