What's life like as a Home Service Apprentice? Ryan reveals all.

Early Careers posted on 24 May

"After leaving college, seeing the excellent benefits on offer for this role made it incomparable"

Sky Careers

Name:  Ryan Hope

Job title: Home Service Apprentice

What area do you work in? GU postcode (Guildford)

What attracted you to joining the Home Service Apprentice Programme? I had finished a 2 year college qualification and wanted to try something new. My main focus was for it to be a practical based role, which got me thinking the Home Service role could be for me. After looking into the job description and discovering the excellent benefits that we offer, this role was incomparable.

Describe a typical day… A typical day starts with a trip to my dedicated stock location where I collect stock that I’ve ordered, return any faulty equipment and send all rubbish I’ve accumulated back. From there, I have a mixture of installs and services to complete at various customers’ homes within my working postcode. These jobs could vary from setting up ladders in difficult scenarios, swapping faulty boxes and taking trips on to customers’ roofs to access dish locations. Once all jobs are completed, it’s time to go home.

Describe your work/life balance at Sky? Work/life balance will need a bit of adjusting to and preparation in advance. Some days can be longer than others, it's all dependant on how the day goes. Organising your days off is important.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about your job? Definitely the problem solving throughout the day. Having to set up ladders in difficult scenarios, thinking of ways to run cable is something I really enjoy.

What would be your advice to someone who’d want to do what you’re doing? Take the rough with the smooth. Some days may be difficult but when there's a great day, you'll feel amazing. Especially when it's pay day and bonuses are attached ;-) 

An interesting fact/something no one else knows about you? I once did a paraglide of a 7,000ft cliff over the coast of Turkey. It was the most impressive view and best experience of my life.