Zinny had a great time during his Sky Sports News Apprenticeship

Early Careers posted on 27 Jan

"If you learn better by doing (rather than sitting in class), this is for you"

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Name:  Zinny

Role: Journalism Apprentice, Sky Sports News

Zinny has been watching Sky Sports News since he was seven - now he's cutting up montage clips and reviewing the presenters' scripts. All while doing a journalism course. If you want to get your qualifications, while learning on the job, an apprenticeship is the best way forward

You’ll get your articles published

I started off in the planning department, setting up interviews, logging where all the cameras go and making a diary so you can refer to it and know which reporter has gone where. It was a good way to ease into the role, as I wasn’t thrown completely in the deep end, but once I got to the digital department, I was set writing news articles for the website. I did one about Jamie Vardy, who last year wasn’t allowed to practice shooting drills towards the end of the season, and it was at the top of the trending list on the website for most of the day.  

It’s not just writing articles

When I was on production, we would spend the beginning of the day looking at footage. If there had been a game we would cut the clips up to make montages for shows. We’d write the instructions for the presenter, and I got to have a go at the script first, then someone else would have another look or change it. I didn’t really expect that, I was pretty nervous, but you learn really quickly. It’s a nicer way to learn, rather than just listening in a classroom. You’ll rotate around all the areas of sports - production, planning, digital, edit, everything, so you can get an idea of what you’d maybe like to do. Soon I’m going to start going out with reporters, which will be really fun!

You get to report at some really big events

I went to do two weeks at Wimbledon with Sky News - for the bulletins, people go down there and, though they can’t go inside or film inside, they film in the front you can see the back of centre court. My job was to record all the press conferences and interviews after the matches, put them in the machine, and feed it back to everyone. I wasn’t working on the men’s final, but I got to watch the women’s final which was pretty cool!

You still keep up with your studies

I go to college one day a week, and have to do everything to make sure it fits with what I’m doing at college. I’m doing general journalism at the same time which is good because it doesn’t close me off from options in terms of a future career. Also, if I pass all my exams, I get a job afterwards which is a good motivation to work on my course alongside the apprenticeship! When the exams come up, they say you can have a few days off from the office to revise and I also get an hour a day to do what I need to do coursework-wise. 

If you learn better by doing (rather than sitting in class), this is for you 

I used to sit at home and just watch Sky Sports News from the age of seven. I think they’re looking for people who have that sort of passion, but also for someone who learns better by doing rather than being taught. At school, I never felt very clever, but in the real world it’s about getting a grasp of things and then you can do it really quickly. It’s easier to learn if you see a point to something, rather than sitting at school and people telling you about things.