Gabrielle tells all about her HR Work Experience

Early Careers posted on 24 Jan

"I didn’t know anything before but I definitely came away with more knowledge!"

Sky Careers

Name: Gabrielle

Role: Work Experience in HR. 

You’ll really learn how a business works

It was really great - every day we spent with a different department within HR, you got to see how it all works. For me, I didn’t know anything before but I definitely came away with more knowledge! I study law at Exeter, and one of my models is employment law. I find all the employer regulations really interesting but didn’t know anything about HR. I hadn’t done any work experience before - so I’d been searching for jobs one day and came across the Sky website. I thought it’d be quite a good insight into how a company worked.

The HR team basically looks after the employees

HR is a way of connecting and representing the people within the business, inviting new people in through advertising and careers, and then looking after them during their journey through the company. You make sure everyone gets their wages, help integrate new employees with old employees, that sort of thing. HR would suit someone friendly and chatty, and who is interested in how things work behind the scenes of a business. You’re problem-solving a lot, and dealing with employers who might be a bit upset about a situation, so you’ve got to remain calm. 

Don’t be put off if you don’t have HR experience

I’d say just apply and don’t be put off - I didn’t have any experience in HR before, and I got selected! They just want to see you’ve researched the company, and are interested in how Sky works. I spent a lot of time googling Sky, but also HR in general. Go for it, and put everything into it. It was just literally the application, which was really good as well if you don’t like interviews!

People from all different backgrounds were also on the work experience

We were quite a big group, and we all got on really well! There was a huge variety of people on work experience - one guy who was 17 and a woman who was 26 - also, some people were still at college, and others were thinking of a career change. Some were doing A levels, and weren’t sure what they wanted to do, but there were also a couple of psychology students and business students - it’s really is open to everyone. 

It’s a great opportunity to come to Sky

There are definitely parts of HR I’m still interested in, in terms of careers, because there are so many parts of HR. But even if you decide HR isn’t for you, it’s worth coming to do the work experience just to see how the company works - Sky is such a great company to work for. You could get your foot in the door, and then move around.