Interested in Journalism? Why not come along to one of our Insight days like Helen?

The people behind sky posted on 4 Apr

Interested in Journalism? Why not come along to one of our Insight days like Helen?

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Seventeen year old Helen Kursten-Holmes recently came along to our Journalism Insight Day. The A-Level student from Enfield currently studying English Literature, Government and Politics and Psychology has aspirations of becoming a Broadcast Journalist. Fascinated with the prospect of presenting and publicising topical news stories, she took time to tell us a bit about her experience:

I was aware of the mammoth size of the company, delivering a diverse range of news and services to a global audience. That’s why when the chance came to spend a day here at the Journalism Insight event, I did not have to think twice!

We had the opportunity of listening to several guest speakers during the day, from all branches of careers such as Presenters to Editors and those responsible for overseeing the general day to day workings of Sky.

The first speaker of the day was Mike Wedderburn, the co-presenter of Good Morning Sports Fans, who told us about his humble beginnings up to his current role as a News presenter of 18 years! Following this we participated in a Q&A session, where we were given advice as to what a career at Sky entails. I found this particularly helpful for understanding what I’ll need to do to follow my dream as an aspiring Journalist.

Following an insightful talk, we worked in groups to compose our very own headline, introduction and short report for a current news story. This task was extremely fun! I was able to understand the inner workings of how a news story is presented, as well as the dos and don’ts. I enjoyed this exposure to creativity and working in a team, as it made me have a sense of awareness to the multifaceted role of an editor.

The next guest speaker was Jim Cockin, the Head of Internal Communications. I really valued Jim's honesty about the highs and lows of his career, from starting out as a journalist to his current position. The memorable tip which I’ve taken from his talk is when covering news stories, it’s crucial to be right (accurate), bright (dynamic) and tight (concise) to keep the audience engaged, and eliminate any corporate jargon! I found this talk truly valuable as it highlighted the components needed to make communication effective.

The tour of the whole complex was breath-taking. Not only for its expansive size, but because of the modern feel and the ambience of warmth and friendliness. Even though it was my first visit, it’s left an everlasting impression which I will always cherish. I recommend anyone looking at a career in journalism or any field within media to get involved in an insight day. There's no better place experience the intricacies within media than go there and get involved.