From Work Experience in Marketing for Now TV to permanent role in Marketing Operations, meet Shivani

Early Careers posted on 19 Jan

"I absolutely loved my work experience"

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Name: Shivani

Role: Work Experience in Marketing for Now TV

The Marketing Work Experience is really creative

I didn’t really know what I was going into, I’ve got a law degree, and thought about marketing because everyone kept saying I might like it. A lot of it was sitting in on their meetings, looking at creative work they do, and they would ask me for my opinion on things. You don’t think Sky would care for my opinion - but they do! We also had a task set, and had to come up with our own marketing plan for how we’d market NowTV in a retail store, which hadn’t been done before. We had to design it all, then present it to the team. I did an interactive digital screen so you could look at what they had to offer in that time period - say Westworld to Game of Thrones, so it gave customers a choice looking at the content Sky has to offer. 

Your ideas are brought to life by a design team 

As they have a design agency they work closely with, I got in contact with them, and worked closely with them to design my idea. It was crazy! I just drew on a piece of paper, with pencil annotations, what I was thinking of, and they made it into a proper, professional design. I’m not used to that - for my degree, I’d think about an essay, and then just write it, but here was an idea that really was brought to life. That was so fun. 

The work experience opened my eyes to marketing (and got me a job) 

I absolutely loved my work experience - and when you first do something you actually like, you think that is where you are meant to be, because you haven’t tried anything else. However, now I work in marketing operations, which is quite different from the work experience - but I’d never have done it if I hadn’t have enjoyed marketing so much. While I thought I wouldn’t like marketing operations, I prefer it! I applied for two roles after my work experience - a role similar to my work experience, in marketing, and the role I’m doing now, in Marketing Operations. 

Marketing Operations is more technical - but just as enjoyable!

For my job, I look after the voucher codes that go out for NowTV - so there was a recent Pizza Hut campaign where, if you bought a large pizza, you got the choice of two different NowTV codes, and I make them. It’s so cool to know that I am a huge part of these massive campaigns! And we get to work with some great brands. Oh, and you don’t need to know any coding - you just need to put in the right information, and the codes are generated. 

It’s the perfect job for someone who is logical

Operations is more technical - while marketing is the face of NowTV, we’re the backbone of it. You don’t need to put a creative spin on things and it’s very process oriented - while I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much, I’ve found I really, really do. I like the process of going from A to B, B to C, and the atmosphere at Sky is just so lovely. 

The people you’ll work with are brilliant 

Every team I’ve worked with in Sky - for my job, and through the work experience - work really well together. That’s the Sky ethos. Everyone gets on, it’s very relaxed and there to help each other. I’ve only been in the role for five months, but I have independence, and there’s a trust that I’m getting on with my work, rather than having management breathing down my neck all the time. 

Once you get your foot in the door, you can move around the company

After coming to Sky, I’ve realised there are so many places you can go. They love encouraging people to move into roles they feel they’d be good at. In the next 18 months, I’d like to move into  a manager role, maybe more closely to content. Whether it’s Sky or NowTV, doing something more editorial, or something along those lines, could be fun.