Marketing Apprentice Jake has some great advice

Early Careers posted on 3 Mar

"The assessment centre is where you can really show your personality, so make sure you just be yourself! Be a team player"

Sky Careers

Describe Sky in 3 words? Fast-paced, welcoming and motivational.

Tell us a bit about yourself Jake… I'm 20 years old and from Northwood. I studied Business, Tourism and Computing A-levels at St Clements Danes School. I also have a Saturday job at John Lewis. I have been working at Sky for 5 months now.

So what motivated you to apply for an apprenticeship? I had offers to go study at University but I was also keen to research more into apprenticeships, as some of my friends were doing apprenticeships at various companies. Actually my school really pushed us to consider all options, so university and apprenticeships.

What drew you to apply to the Sky Marketing apprenticeship? I came across the Marketing role on the Sky website and found it interesting, so I applied! I've always been interested in the Media sector and had previous work experience in TV production.

Tell us more about your role I'm part of the entertainment marketing team. Essentially I support campaigns, general administration tasks, and contract approvals with our external companies such as HBO.

So what do you think your strengths are and how have you applied it to this job? Confidence – for example doing presentations at the Sky Call Centres has come natural to me. I’ve never really had trouble with public speaking, and this role has only strengthened it.

Is there anything you have had to improve on? I’d definitely say my creative thinking. For example, before I started working at Sky when I would look at a picture in the newspaper, I wouldn’t really look into it in detail.

Tell us about the challenges of this role Getting to grips with the job and the business in the beginning, was quite hard. Also, there are a lot of stakeholders within the company.

What advice would you give for future applicants? Be confident but don’t be too overpowering. The assessment centre is where you can really show your personality, so make sure you just be yourself! Be a team player.

In your own opinion, what are the perks of the job? The on-site gym which I make full use of, especially the boxing classes and personal trainer sessions. I also really enjoy working with my team, they are very supportive and have even got me to watch the game of thrones. (just episode 1 so far). In terms of my role, I get given real responsibility which I really enjoy and it makes me feel valued.