Katie, who joined us last year on the Responsible Business Summer Placement, shares some insight

Early Careers posted on 8 Jan

“No day was the same while I was here.”

Sky Careers
  1. Name: Katie
  2. University studied at, course and graduation: Durham University, Geography, 2016
  3. Describe your role in one word? Sustainability
  4. What did you work on whilst on the Responsible Business Summer Placement at Sky?  The Responsible Business team, is part of the wider Bigger Picture team within Corporate Affairs. My team spans across huge range of business activities and functions, meaning I got to get involved in a variety of projects. My role was mainly analytical based, looking at Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility data. However, I also got to work on projects in procurement/supply chain, the Sky Academy team, and I even visited the Twitter offices to hear about their plans for The Bigger Picture social media channel.
  5. What did you do on a day-to-day basis? No day was the same while I was here. Some days I’d have meetings all day, which I always enjoyed as it meant I got to meet new people. Other days I’d be focussing on the projects and tasks I’d been set to do. I really enjoyed the variety, as it meant I was always trying something new!
  6. What did you find most challenging? There were a lot of acronyms and specialist terms I had to get my head around. At the same time, everyone was so helpful in making sure I knew what was going on and what I should be doing.
  7. What would your advice be to applicants? Know the role you are applying to. What made my application for this role different from other job applications is that my answers had to be very specific to the department I was joining. So make sure you have examples of when you’ve been involved in similar activities as these are really useful to talk about.