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Early Careers posted on 7 Jul

"Wow" - that’s all I could was at this point when I realised where I was; I was at the heart, the home of Sky.

Sky Careers

Sky Sports, Sky News, it’s all based here and to think that Sky is based only 20 minutes from home is initially quite hard to contemplate. I’m not going to lie I did get lost trying to find the entrance, but a quick call to Martha (one of the organisers of the day) sorted that out.

We were treated to a number of guest speakers throughout the day from a wide variety of jobs ranging from, presenters to those covering more technical aspects of production. For example, Isabel, the co-presenter of Sky News’s morning breakfast show, 'Sunrise' came in to tell us about her journey and participated in a Q&A session. This was very useful, not only for aspiring journalists but also for those looking to follow to their dream career path at Sky.

I  felt that Isabel epitomised the message of the day; show your enthusiasm for your desired career and to take any opportunity that presents itself to you. Her amusing anecdote regarding her journey from presenting weather in an unforgiving and torrential downpour, showed me how, if I want to get where I want to go, I will have to work hard and work my way up. As gloomy as that may sound to some, the day presented us with ways in which we could help ourselves. One way was through speed networking, which is about meeting staff and those on apprenticeship schemes to give us an understanding about what employers and Sky are looking for.

When the day came to an end, I was glad that I had participated; not only because of the skills I have gained, but also the insight the day has given me into my potential future career and Sky itself. 

The whole complex has a campus-like feel that oozes warmth and friendliness with people eating lunch together and others even doing yoga in the outside area. We met others who were participating in the event through friendly games carried out throughout the day. Also the staff were helpful and attentive. The whole experience was beneficial and worthwhile; one that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking at a career in journalism or any aspect in media itself (as the focus was not all on journalism).  

This may have been my first experience of a working environment, but it has most definitely strengthened my ambition to follow a career in media.