Claire & Jonathan both say “When you apply make sure your personality and enthusiasm comes across!”

Early Careers posted on 11 Jan

“I was attracted to the program because I thought the experience would be challenging, rewarding and most of all fun!”

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University studied at/Course/Graduation Year

Claire: Lancaster University, Advertising and Marketing, 2016

Jonathan: Nottingham Business School, BA Business, 2018

Describe your role in one word?

Claire: Diverse

Jonathan: Stimulating

Where did you hear about the summer placement/what prompted you to apply?

Claire: I went directly to the ‘Work for Sky’ careers section on the Sky website. This is where I came across the Marketing Summer Placement opportunity. As a Marketing student with a strong interest within the entertainment industry I was excited and enthused by this prospect.

Jonathan: I was actively looking for a placement whilst at University and I found the scheme on GoThinkBig's website and Sky's corporate website. I was attracted to the program because I thought the experience would be challenging, rewarding and most of all fun!

What did you during your summer placement?

Claire: I worked within the Marketing department of Sky Store, where I was given plenty of opportunities to make a real contribution to Sky. I was responsible for producing the creative briefs of the weekly newsletter emails; reviewing the email data; mobile optimising emails; incorporating apps into communications; testing new email designs; and incorporating trailers into the newsletter emails.

Jonathan: I was a valued member of the Marketing Propositions team within TV Products, a team responsible for establishing and growing subscription based products (Sky+, Sky Go-Extra, HD, Multiscreen, and Boxsets). My role was to work closely with the team helping meet both short and long-term goals such as scheduling deadlines, future propositions and managing my own research project.

What were you actually doing on a day-to-day basis?

Claire: On a day-to-day basis I would regularly attend meetings, such as content priorities. During which, every week I would discuss content ideas for the newsletter emails and monthly engagement emails with the Sky Store and Creative teams. Once content was decided, I would produce the creative brief and wait for the template to come through. In addition, I would frequently have calls with other agencies and teams to discuss the various other projects I was involved within. Apart from working on these projects, I would regularly attend insightful workshops and exciting events going on around the Osterley campus such as, attending the Q&A on Sky’s Tour de France winners!

Jonathan: The main project I worked on was my own research project looking at future trends and developments considering business impacts and providing recommendations for Sky TV products.

What was the best and most challenging thing about your time with us?

Claire: The best thing about my time here was being able to explore other areas of the company as well as been given the opportunity to meet with inspiring individuals who were able to give me further insight into the various sectors of the entertainment industry. 

At times, it was a challenge to organise work priorities but as someone who thrives under pressure and enjoys being busy I was able to learn how to overcome this.

Jonathan: Whenever I needed help or support it was always available to me and everyone was friendly, encouraging and inspiring.

What surprised you most about working at Sky?

Claire: I was (pleasantly) surprised at the amount of trust and responsibility that I was given. It meant I was able achieve real accomplishments and leave my mark! 

Jonathan: The amount of opportunities available to me, from personal development courses both internally and externally to campus tours and socialising opportunities.

Anything you would suggest to someone looking to apply for the role this summer?

Claire: To research not only Sky but also Sky’s competitors, it helps if you can show that you know a broad range of information about the industry. It’s also important to show your personality and don’t be afraid to showcase your enthusiasm!

Jonathan: Make sure your personality and enthusiasm comes across in all aspects of your application process!