Find out how Emmanuel's experience with Mama Youth has launched his career

Early Careers posted on 17 Jul

“From the Toe 2 Toe podcast to the state of the week in the bulletin show, I got to see how the department creates content for the audience."

Sky Careers

Name:  Emmanuel Fayeun

Job title: Production Junior

What were you doing before joining Sky on a Mama Youth placement? I knew I always wanted a career in the TV/Film industry so I was working in a retail job and freelancing. When the Mama Youth Opportunity came to me I took it with both hands.

Describe the type of day to day activities that you conducted in the department that you joined on your placement. I enjoy sports in general and I was lucky enough to be placed in Football (Soccer AM), and Boxing. In the production meetings is where you really start to see the vision for the show. I was researching and finding information that could be used. As the show is live, I had the chance in rehearsals to observe what was going on and even be a stand-in guest at times. Boxing has guests in every Wednesday so I was given the role of looking after them and get them to where they need to be on time. From the Toe 2 Toe podcast to the state of the week in the bulletin show, I got to see how the department creates content for the audience. They have huge events throughout the year, so you see first-hand the planning and get to see it all come together in the gallery and studio.

Are there any pieces of work/projects that you were particularly proud to be a part of? One particular part I enjoyed was the preparation for the James Degale vs Badou Jack fight. I knew both boxers quite well so it was interesting finding out new things about them leading into the fight. 

How would you reflect on your placement in terms of training and development? The placement for me was more about watching and learning from the people who have experience. I want to be in their positions so watching what they do closely really helped me learn a lot in the amount of time I was there.

How did you transition from your placement to a role at Sky? I told my placement manager that I was keen to stay on and work at Sky Sports. I feel that the fact that I showed a keen interest while I was on my placement helped me a lot. I was given a few test shifts as a runner, shadowing those I would work with for a few shifts. After that, I was confident and started to do shifts on my own and now the rest is history.

What does your role now see you doing? As a Production Junior, my duties are to help production in any way I can. This can be making teas for the gallery or doing autocue for a live show, you take the weight off production and keep everyone happy.  

How important has the Mama Youth Project been to your personal and professional growth? It’s given me the confidence to walk into the TV/Film industry and be seen as a professional. They have equipped me with the vital skills to flourish and take the industry by storm. Being a researcher and learning at the same time has opened my eyes to what it really takes to succeed in the industry. I see myself as a professional now, and it’s my job to be proactive and keep to the level Mama Youth taught me.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting involved with the Mama Youth Project? Take the opportunity with both hands! I can guarantee that you will take a lot away from being part of this beneficial programme. Learning while getting production credits is wonderful and the opportunity can put you on the platform to do great things.