Getting together to raise money for The Lotus Flower Trust

Doing the right thing posted on 2 Feb

“Our people have been so amazing, and I can’t thank everyone enough for what they’ve done to help.”

Sky Careers

Christmas is the season of goodwill. It was time to think about those less fortunate, and consider what we could do to make even a small difference to the lives of others. During December we asked our people to do just that. All they needed to do to help was, make a Sky Movies sale in Week 23, and our Marketing team would donate 50p from every sale to charity.

This was to support The Lotus Flower Trust and finish the school that our people right across Sky raised funds to help build throughout the year. This meant that children from the poorest parts of India would have the opportunity to have an education; setting them up to have the chance of securing a job that might just take them out of their current poverty in the future.

Drum roll… and the results are in!

With help from our people we were able to donate over £3k! A fantastic result.  That coupled with all the other things they were doing to raise extra money meant we raised a total of £6,430.64.

Danielle Macleod, Director of Service Operations told us what this will mean to the children and their new school; “This is just incredible! So far we’ve raised over £90k – the largest amount of money that The Lotus Flower Trust has ever received from a single source of funding. Our people have been so amazing, and I can’t thank everyone enough for what they’ve done to help.”

“The money raised so far has paid for both floors of an English Medium School in Tamil Nadu (we only pledged to raise £50k for the first floor and we’ve smashed that!) It’s the only school in the area that will teach English as a primary language which will really give them the best chance in life. We’re now well on our way to raising the £10k needed for a kindergarten in Ladakh which will really help kids in the most need from remote villages in India.”

John Hunt, CEO of The Lotus Flower Trust  “I’m extremely grateful to everyone involved with this project.  It has been amazing to hear how many people have taken part in the fundraising and I’m so grateful to all of them for their quite extraordinary efforts. You’ve raised more money for the project than any other team in the six years of our existence. On behalf of the children who will attend this school, I say a BIG THANK YOU... and of course not only on behalf of the children of today but those who will attend in the future.”